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Jim Lawson Shares His Thoughts On Current CFL Status

Jim Lawson, former chairman of the Canadian Football League and current CEO of horse racing leader Woodbine Entertainment, spoke about the current football league situation and financial difficulties. According to Mr Lawson, the league’s economic business model is not fully functional, but he hopes that a proposal to legalize single-event betting can address this.

In addition to serving as president of the CFL, Mr Lawson has a lot of experience and participation in the field, as his family has been part of the football industry for generations. But he is optimistic that the Bill C-218 could be the solution to the league’s problems, which will eventually allow Canadians to bet on a single game.

Mr Lawson intensively discussed the issue that, according to himself, the economic framework of the league was somewhat elusive and virtually problematic. He thinks the operating model should be reviewed and changed. But the unprecedented situation has also had a negative impact on the league, with losses lasting between C$60 million and C$80 million in 2020.

Due to financial difficulties, the league relied on contacting the XFL, and the XFL season was put on hold due to lockdown restrictions, and Vince McMahon subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Dwayne Johnson, Danny Garcia and Redbird Capital acquired all of the assets of Alpha Entertainment LLC, the parent company of the XFL.

The CFL expects Redbird Capital’s participation to bring stability to both leagues, and Lawson is also optimistic that the NFL may open its revenue options to the U.S. CFL. However, Lawson is urging everyone to be patient and open-minded about the issue.

The CEO of Woodbine Entertainment believes the proposed change in Canadian gaming laws to the introduction of single event betting will be a huge boost to the football league by providing more revenue. He believes the change will have a huge impact on sports and the entire gaming industry and will open up new opportunities for all sports and perhaps even amateur sports.

Bill C-218 Vote
Last Thursday, the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights voted unanimously to exclude horse racing from the bill, which has been very important for the future of the horse racing industry and the gambling industry as a whole. This became big news for the industry after industry leaders repeatedly asked that the introduction of single-game betting should not cause unintended harm to live harness racing. 슬롯사이트

an open statement
Not long ago, Woodbine Entertainment CEO Lawson addressed the public about the current situation related to the horse racing industry. He described some of the essential health and safety protocols that must be followed by everyone involved in order for the race to resume. There will be quarantine for some individuals, depending on the province or country of residence, due to the large number of riders travelling.

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