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A bill that puts Texas sports betting issues

Before voters die in the Senate this week after passing the House of Representatives 101-42. Former Gov. Rick Perry, a spokesman for the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, said he is committed to this cause and expects another legislative attempt to take place in 2025.

“Texas people deserve the opportunity to vote on legalizing sports betting, and we will continue to work to put the plan to a vote in 2025.” 카지노사이트먹튀

In 2023, two gambling bills were passed by the Texas House of Representatives, HJR 102 and HB 1942. For the first time in Texas history, a sports gambling bill has been approved by the Texas State Legislature. There was no opportunity in the Senate without political support.

There could be political changes in the 2024 election, and legislative support for sports betting could change in 2025. There is now time to seek Senate support from Gov. Dan Patrick, who opposed the 2023 bill, but he admitted to being open to the idea of sports betting in the state.

Texas is a huge potential market for regulated sports betting. Fans can expect greater legislative push in the next session.

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