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Its Newcastle Pursues Lawsuit Worth Tens of Billions of Won

As Sandro Tonali, who was brought in for a large sum of money, was about to be banned for 10 months for illegal gambling, Newcastle United, who signed him last summer, began considering a lawsuit against Italy’s AC Milan, who sold Tonali.

British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “Newcastle has threatened AC Milan with a multi-million pound lawsuit as midfielder Sandro Tonali prepares to receive a long-term ban.” 먹튀검증사이트

Tonali, an Italian midfielder born in 2000, completed his qualifications in Serie A, one of the world’s best professional soccer stages, at a young age. 

Despite his young age, he showed a mature performance that earned him the nickname ‘the next Andrea Pirlo’ when he played for Brescia Calcio.

Even after transferring to AC Milan, Tonali stood out for his skills in kicking, dribbling, and controlling the tempo of the game, and immediately became the core of the midfield

contributing to the team’s Serie A win in the 2021/22 season along with Ismael Bennacer and Frank Kessie.

Tonali’s performance attracted the attention of many big clubs, and Newcastle

which ranked fourth after being acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and successfully advanced to the UEFA Champions League in the 2023/24 season

succeeded in embracing Tonali. Newcastle strengthened its midfield by giving Milan a huge sum of 52 million pounds (about 89 billion won) to sign Tonali.

Newcastle hoped to further raise the club’s power and status through the signing of Tonali

but the joy was short-lived. 

Tonali was hit with bombshell negative news when it was revealed that he had caused a gambling scandal at his former team.

On the 13th (Korean time), Nicolo Zaniolo (Aston Villa) and Tonali were hastily excluded from the Italian national team. 

The reason was suspicion of illegal sports gambling. 

Tonali also admitted on the 19th that when he was playing for AC Milan, he enjoyed gambling by betting money on the win or loss of his own team, AC Milan, rather than other teams. 

Accordingly, in addition to illegal betting, he is also suspected of match-fixing.

According to the regulations of the Italian Football Association (FIGC), current soccer players cannot participate even if they enjoy legal sports betting. 

Moreover, it is even more unacceptable to bet on your own team. 

This is because there may be room for match-fixing. Players involved in illegal gambling face a ban of up to five years.

Ivan Toney (Brentford), who was considered a top striker in the Premier League

was also found to have placed sports bets 232 times in the past and was banned from all soccer-related activities for eight months by the English Football Association (FA) in May. .

According to the Daily Mail, Tonali will soon be banned for 10 months after admitting to gambling. 

As soon as the punishment is officially handed down, Newcastle will not be able to use Tonali in games for the remainder of the season.

Additionally, Tonali admitted that he is a gambling addict, so he will be suspended from competition

receive treatment for his gambling addiction for approximately eight months, and participate in an anti-gambling program.

Newcastle was hit by lightning as Tonali, who had been brought in for a hefty sum of £52 million, was suspended for 10 months just two months after his arrival. 

Newcastle are seriously considering filing a lawsuit against Tonali’s former team, Milan. 

There are suspicions that AC Milan knew about Tonali’s gambling in advance and sold him to Newcastle.

On this day, the Daily Mail cited Italy’s Corriele dello Sport and explained

Newcastle threatened to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against AC Milan after Tonali was banned from playing.”

It is believed that AC Milan knew that Tonali had been gambling illegally, and that they tried to hand Tonali off to another team in a situation where he had committed a serious crime that was practically a ‘time bomb’.

He also said, “The media claimed that Tonali’s annual salary of 8 million euros (about 11.4 billion won) would soon be stopped by Newcastle, but we have not confirmed this yet.”

At the same time, “Nicolo Fagioli (Juventus), who was disciplined for illegal gambling along with Tonali and Zaniolo

admitted his guilt and cooperated with the investigation

so the level of punishment was greatly reduced and he received a seven-month suspension,” the club said.

We have agreed to pay his full salary and he will continue to train with the first team.”

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