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There has Been No Salary Arbitration Request for 3 Years

This year, no club or player exercised their right to request salary arbitration from the KBO. 

It has been quiet since KT Wiz pitcher Kwon Soo-won made history in 2021 as the second player in history to apply for salary arbitration and win.

On the 11th, the KBO announced, ‘In accordance with Article 75 [Arbitration Application] 2 of the KBO Baseball Rules, salary arbitration applications were closed at 6 PM on the 10th, and no clubs or players applied.’  카지노사이트랭크

For the third year from 2022 to this year, 10 clubs and players have been negotiating to find an appropriate salary without blushing at each other.

Just because there is no application for salary arbitration does not mean that there are no differences of opinion in salary negotiations between the club and the player. 

As of the 11th, SSG Landers is the only club that announced that it has completed all salary negotiations. 

The remaining clubs have also completed salary negotiations with most players,

but the process of coordinating with some players remains. It was just passed over quietly because it was judged to be at a level that did not require going through the Salary Arbitration Committee.

It is rare for a player to win a salary arbitration claim. Until Sovereignty won, Ryu Ji-hyun of the LG Twins in 2002 was the first and only case of victory. 

At the time, Ryu Ji-hyun requested an increase in annual salary of 20 million won from the existing 200 million won, and LG proposed a 10 million won reduction. 

This was the first time the KBO sided with the player. Afterwards, Lee Jung-hoon of Lotte Giants filed for salary arbitration in 2010 and Dae-ho Lee of Lotte in 2011, but Lotte laughed in both cases.

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