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He throws a fastball that can reach up to 158 kilometers

He throws a fastball that can reach up to 158 kilometers, but he has hit a professional wall. After a disastrous debut year, Young Gun vowed to start anew, but can the 78-win major league champion become his ‘wing’?

Last year, Moon hit aces for his club and the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games and the APBC (Asian Professional Baseball Championship). He solidified his position as the next generation’s leader. He was also awarded the ‘160km’ medal.

Kim Seo-hyun is also dreaming of exploding like Moon Dong-joo did last year. He sharpened his knives this winter with pitching coach Park Seung-min. 안전놀이터 He worked on his basic body balance, pitching form, and mindset.

And just before the start of the season, Ryu joined him.

The eight-year, 17 billion won contract is a big presence, heavier than the total amount. Kim Seo-hyun said, “We played catch together today, but we didn’t talk much. When he first greeted me and asked me, ‘Have you eaten,’ I said, ‘I have,'” he regretted.

His current physical condition is very good. “I’ve gained muscle mass, and my pace of pitching and velocity is good,” Kim said, expressing confidence. Against Australia, she received a passing grade not only for her fastball but also for her breaking ball.

Originally, Kim used to have a variety of pitches based on his strong fastball, from an orthodox delivery to a sidearm-like delivery. Since last year’s final camp, she has been training to lock in on one pitching form. He’s still working on it.

“After the season, Coach Park Seung-min gave me a lot of homework: body balance, not letting my arm fall too far back during the pitching process, and the timing of my arm release. He told me, ‘Thank you for doing a good job. Every time I throw the ball, he tells me I’m doing well, which gives me confidence. I think I can do better than last year.”

He was confident before joining the team last year.

He was throwing fastballs in the mid-150 kilometers. After Moon Dong-joo, he seemed to be the next player to prove the ‘redemption revolution’ in Korean baseball. He hit 158 kilometers in an official game, and he also had a variety of pitches, including sliders and sweeper curves.

But the barriers to the pros were high. Last year, Kim pitched in 20 games (one start) and 22⅓ innings, recording one save.

His ERA was a whopping 7.25. Her confidence was gone. Despite encouragement from the coaching staff, including Choi Won-ho, she continued to use her slider.

“Last year, I wanted to throw a fastball, but I couldn’t get it to go in, so I used a lot of changeups that went into the zone,” Kim said. This year, I’m more confident with my fastball,” she smiled.

As for Moon Dong-ju, he said, “He was always good, but after being with the first team for two or three months last year, I thought he was bound to get better. He has his own schedule for each exercise, and I think that’s the secret to his growth.”

Here comes Ryu Hyun-jin, who knows how to do every single move.

Ryu will spend time hugging the younger athletes who feel awkward around him over a meal before returning home. 카지노사이트 추천

“I really want to learn Ryu’s changeup, and my goal is to practice the slider I learned from Coach Park Seung-min well so that I can throw it in a real game at the end of this year or next year,” Kim Seo-hyun explained.

He also revealed specific goals.

“My goal is to strike out 100 batters every year (26 last year). I want to see 100 strikeouts every year starting this year.”

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