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“Are you a ballet company?” Germany national soccer team’s new pink uniform makes a lot of noise

A flood of criticism from fans “Symbol of diversity” “Just a marketing strategy”
Germany national football team’s new away uniform

There is a debate over the new pink uniform that the German national soccer team recently unveiled.

Many fans are ridiculing the unprecedented and unconventional color, saying it is a violation of tradition and ridiculous.On the other hand, there are many favorable reactions to the new uniform, which is said to symbolize diversity.

As of the morning of the 16th (local time), more than 1,400 comments had been posted on the

Most of the criticism was about the away uniform, such as “Do you make the soccer team like a ballet troupe?”, “Do you also sell high heels and handbags?”, “Pink sneakers and headbands are missing,” and “Change the national flag to a rainbow flag.”

On the 14th, DFBunveiled the new uniform that will be worn atthe European Football Championship (Euro 2024) to be held at home this summer.

The home uniform, which had a white top with white bottoms and socks, was responded to as a traditional color.However, as soon as the pink and purple away uniform was released, various criticisms were pouring in.

German soccer teams have long worn green uniforms in away games.After the 2000s, red and black were also introduced as part of the national flag colors.

Adidas, which produced the uniform, explained that it “symbolizes a new generation of soccer fans and the diversity of Germany.”However, brand expert Marcel Rocco told current affairs media outlet Der Spiegel, “There is a risk that communication will be harmed if core values ​​and symbols are neglected. It seems like they are bragging about ‘we are cool’.”

Coach Julian Nagelsmann unveils new uniforms

German soccer team coach Julian Nagelsmanndefended the new uniforms.“The controversy that has already occurred shows that it was the right decision,” he said, referring to research showing that when goalkeepers wear colorful uniforms, the goalposts appear narrower.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the uniform color, the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reported, “Some fans feel that their masculinity has been attacked.”However, some point out that the heated controversy among fans is nothing more than a uniform sales strategy.

SZ pointed out, “The marketing department probably wanted to persuade more female fans to invest 100 euros (about 140,000 won) in the uniform.”Internet media T-Online reported, “DFB recorded a loss of 33.5 million euros (about 48.6 billion won) last year. They are aiming for a box office hit with extreme uniforms.” 성인웹툰

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