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Korea Sports Federation Votes to Abolish Annual Term Limits

The Korean Sports Federation has taken the first step toward abolishing the current rule that requires a separate review when the head of an affiliated organization, including the president, is elected for more than three consecutive terms.

The KFA held its 31st Board of Directors meeting at the Olympic Park Hotel on the 31st and approved an amendment to its articles of association to allow officers of affiliated organizations, including local sports federations and sports organizations, to serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

In response, the KFA said, “We promote the development of the sports world through the rational organization and smooth operation of sports organizations. Reflecting the fact that sports organizations, including local sports federations and local sports organizations, are facing difficulties in organizing their executives due to the clause restricting the number of consecutive terms, we want to resolve the difficulties in the field by abolishing the consecutive term restriction.”

“We need to pave the way for those who have the ability, expertise and experience to serve further,” he said.

Currently, if a sports organization head wants to serve more than three consecutive terms, he or she must go through a 카지노사이트 review by the Sports Fairness Commission, which is part of the Korean Sports Ministry. The committee has approved or rejected candidates based on their financial contributions, whether they have enhanced the competitiveness of their sport, and their influence on the international stage (whether or not they serve on international organizations).

If the proposal passes the July board of directors and the general assembly of delegates, the KFA will ask the supervisory agency, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, to revise the regulations. If the proposal passes and is approved by the ministry, the number of cases of KFA, local sports federations, and sports organization 파워볼실시간 executives being reappointed is expected to increase.

An official from the sports industry said, “It is expected to benefit Lee Ki-heung, president of the Korea Sports Federation (re-election), and Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association (three terms), whose terms expire early next year. There is also opposition, but it will be controversial as they can be reappointed for a third and fourth term, respectively, without much scrutiny.”


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