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Philadelphia’s No. 1 Run

The San Diego Padres have recorded six wins and four losses in their last 10 games. They are ranking second in the National League West with 49 wins and 45 losses. They are 7.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers, the world’s leading team. They are two games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are ranking third (45 wins and 45 losses). In the “Team Power Ranking” released by MLB.COM on Monday (Korea time), the team ranked 12th, down three notches from the previous announcement.

The San Francisco Giants and Arizona, which are competing with the San Diego Padres for second place in the National League West, have seen their power ranking rise. San Francisco jumped from 19th to 16th, while Arizona went from 18th to 17th. The Colorado Rockies, which came in last in the National League West, remained at the bottom, staying at the 29th.

The power rankings remained unchanged from 1st to 6th. The Philadelphia Phillies maintained the top spot. Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Guardians, New York Yankees, and Milwaukee Brewers were ranked 2nd to 6th. The Atlanta Braves rose one notch to 7th. The Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros, and Seattle Mariners ranked in the top 10 from 8th to 10th. Houston recently rose five spots to 9th as it posted good results.토토사이트 꽁머니

◆ MLB Power Ranking (announced on the 9th, last ranking in parentheses)

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (1)
  2. Baltimore Orioles (2)
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers (3)
  4. Cleveland Guardians (4)
  5. New York Yankees (5)
  6. Milwaukee Brewers (6)
  7. Atlanta Braves (8)
  8. Minnesota Twins (10)
  9. Houston Astros (14)
  10. Seattle Mariners (7)
  11. Boston Red Sox (12)
  12. San Diego Padres (9)
  13. St. Louis Cardinals (13)
  14. Kansas City Royals (11)
  15. New York Mets (15)
  16. San Francisco Giants (19)
  17. Arizona Diamondbacks (18)
  18. Texas Rangers (21)
  19. Cincinnati Reds (20)
  20. Tampa Bay Rays (16)
  21. Pittsburgh Pirates (17)
  22. Chicago Cubs (22)
  23. Washington Nationals (24)
  24. Detroit Tigers (25)
  25. Toronto Blue Jays (23)
  26. Los Angeles Angels (26)
  27. Oakland Athletics (27)
  28. Colorado Rockies (28)
  29. Miami Marlins (29)
  30. Chicago White Sox (30)

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