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Who is the leader of each high school student record category?

▲The score is Kim Tae-hyuk’s solo, Moon Se-young, and Koo Seung-chae
In the score category, Kim Tae-hyuk (186 centimeters, G, F) ranked first with 37.7 points per game. Kim is a guard who specializes in shooting. Notably, his mid-range jumpers near the free throw line are very accurate, and his shooting ability is remarkable enough to make 3.5 3-pointers on average. The second highest scorer after Kim is Moon Se-young (193 centimeters, F, C) of Sangsan Electronics High School with 32.0 points per game.

Moon is a scoring machine of Sangsan Electronics High School, which has various attack options such as post-up, 2-2 attack, and fastball finishing. He also boasts superior rebound control ability. Moon ranks first overall with 19.5 rebounds on average in the weekend league. He also showed off his strength to make 40-20 (41 points and 20 rebounds) against Kyesung High School on June 22.

▲Sangsan Electronics High School 3rd grader Moon Se-young

Attention is focusing on Koo Seung-chae (Yang Jeong-go), who is ranked third. Koo, who is evaluated as the best shooter at high school, showed off his consistent scoring ability of around 30 points every weekend in the league. Recently, he has emerged as a scorer with various attack options, equipped with not only three-point shots but also penetration, which is his specialty.

Gaya High School’s Kim Dae-hyun (182cm, G, F) and Samil High School’s Wi Jin-seok (201cm, C) also ranked in the rankings with an average of 30 points each.

▲ Moon Se-young and Wi Jin-seok, who are No. 1 in rebound, also show their dominance under the basket
In the rebounding category, Moon ranked first. Moon garnered 11.84 rebounds per game. Moon, who is 193 centimeters tall, is relatively small compared to her competitors, has garnered more than two-digit rebounds in each game due to strong power and struggle for spots.

The runner-up is Wi Jin-seok from Samil High School. Wi Jin-seok collected 19.25 rebounds per game. He is a big man who faithfully performs mischievous tasks such as defense under the basket and rebounding, and providing shot opportunities to teammates through a solid screen.
The two-to-two play with guard Kim Tae-kyun, his colleague, is getting more and more familiar, boasting a perfect match. What is even scarier is that it is growing at a faster pace as the days go by. It is evaluated that there is no one who can beat Wi Jin-seok at the height of the current high school big man.

In addition, Choi Jong-min (188cm, G, F) of Gwangan Broadcasting High School also dominated the air with an average of more than 15 rebounds.

▲Lee Jae-hyung of Cheonan Ssangyong High School with Pass, No. 1 in assist
In the assist category, which is exclusive to guards, Lee Jae-hyung (172cm, G) of SsangYong High School in Cheonan ranked first. With 13 assists per game, Lee ranked first with a wide gap with second-ranked Kim Tae-kyun (10.5).

Lee Jae-hyeong, who is 172 centimeters short, was a guard who lacked any special strengths other than speed until his freshman and sophomore years. However, since Coach Park Sang-oh took the helm at Cheonan SsangYong High School, he has sought to change his style of play and, as a result, has significantly improved his ability to see teammates. In this season’s junior year, he has delivered good passes to teammates, increasing his assists.

Kim Tae-kyun, who is ranking second, also has good pace lately. Having shown selfless play, Kim displayed his pass skills to the fullest by scoring 19 assists in the second game against Gangwon National University High School on June 22. He is not just good at passing. He also displayed outstanding productivity by scoring one shot each if necessary. Kim ranked first in the category with a total of 17 3-pointers during four weekend league matches.

▲ What is the honor of being the first in block shots and steals?
In the block shot category, Park Hyun-geun (3.5) of Chunggo High School and Lee Je-won (3.2) of Hwimung High School recorded three or more block shots, marking first and second place, respectively.토토사이트 꽁머니

The steel leader is Lee Jae-hyeong. Lee Jae-hyeong ranked first with a whopping six steals per game. Lee Jae-hyeong has strong pressing defense, reading pass timing, and excellent grooming ability. He also set a new record based on this. On June 30, he recorded 15 points, 16 rebounds, and 16 assists and 10 steals in the last preliminary match against Cheongju Shinheung High School, achieving his seventh quadruple-double in Korean basketball history.

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