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Lee Yong-kyu is out! It’s the second time a day following Sutton

Two ejections in one day. The referee of a sports match is not a judge, but a ‘match commissioner’. Inaccurate judgment increases distrust. We can only express our doubts about the referee’s ability to stop the game and judge the timing of the ejection in time.

On the 23rd, Sajik Stadium in Busan hosted the third game of the weekend series between the Lotte Giants and Kiwoom Heroes.

The first ejection occurred in the top of the fifth inning with Lotte leading 4-3. It was Lotte manager Larry Sutton.

After falling behind by three runs in the top of the third inning, Lotte scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth to tie the game. However, Lee In-bok immediately got into trouble, allowing a single and a walk to put runners on first and second with no outs. The LOTTE bench immediately brought in the second pitcher, Shim Jae-min, in place of Lee In-bok.

However, the umpire’s call of a straight grounder to second led to Sutton’s outburst of frustration. Before the third pitcher, Han Hyun-hee, took the mound in place of Coach Kim Hyun-wook. After receiving the ball from umpire Kim and handing it to Han, Sutton did not return to the dugout and began to protest to the umpire.

Umpire Kim issued the first warning, and when Sutton didn’t respond, he immediately called for the coach to be ejected. Sutton continued to protest for a while before gathering his things and storming out of the dugout. Kiwoom scored one run on a sacrifice fly by Song Sung-moon to tie the game.

The second ejection came in the top of the sixth inning during Kiwoom’s offense. With runners on first and second and Lee Yong-gyu at the plate, the game was suspended due to heavy rain. The game was suspended at 7:26 p.m. and took 84 minutes to resume after the grounds were cleared. At around 8:50 p.m., Lotte’s fourth pitcher, Koo Seung-min, began to warm up and the game resumed.

Lee Yong-kyu aggressively protested a call that he swung at a four-pitch forkball with a 2-1 count. Yong-kyu was the subject of a bizarre “three-foot lineout” call that led to Kiwoom’s first run in the third inning. If it hadn’t been corrected by video review, he would have been out. There was no trust in the umpires on this day.

The coaching staff, including head coach Hong Won-ki and assistant coach Kim Chang-hyun, rushed out to intervene between the referee and Lee Yong-gyu. However, Lee Yong-kyu pushed the coaches and referees out of the way and was ready to charge at referee Kim.

There was nothing to be said for ejecting him. However, the referee, who had used the ‘ejection’ card earlier, hesitated. As a result, the game was delayed for another 84 minutes.

After repeated protests, Lee Yong-kyu returned to the batting cage and retreated to the center field fence. As he grabbed his bat and headed back to the dugout, he lost control of his emotions and spoke to the umpire again, who had enough and called him out. In response, Yong-kyu protested even more vehemently and left the dugout. 카지노사이트

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