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As confirmed by a recent survey conducted by the Montreal Public Health Service, gambling enthusiasts in Quebec are among the most eager. According to the information obtained from this, the annual cash used by one player for gambling in a game store overseen by Lotto Quebec amounts to C$3,000.

This Thursday we saw a public publication of information gathered by a study highlighting one of the problems in the gambling sector of the state. Players have been shown to prefer the provision of games provided by two locations overseen by the provincial crown corporation, spending a significant amount of money at that location. On average, gaming customers spent about CA$3,113 on games over a 12-month period. 슬롯게임

Montreal Public Health Department Reveals Shocking Details
As it turns out, these findings are quite worrying for the community because they are the record amount spent on gambling. The above amount is more than the player tends to spend on video lottery, casino, or other game options that like lottery. Jean-Francãois Biron, a researcher at Montreal Public Health, said gambling is soaring significantly in the above locations compared to previous studies and information collected by them.

The survey was conducted through telephone conversations and online polls to further illuminate people’s gambling habits during the period. According to the information it provided, players spent an average of C$222 per year on traditional lottery games, the smallest amount of cash they poured into the game. Meanwhile, the video lottery could have caused people to spend about 2,053 Canadian dollars in the 12 months they played games.

Roto Quebec manages the operation of the game center through its subsidiary Societe de Casino du Quebec. There are four casino venues: Casino de Montremblanc and Casino de Charlevoix. As stated in the survey, these locations attracted players spending about C$1,092 per year. They provide a reliable source of income for more than 6,000 individuals.

Problem gambling remains a problem
Meanwhile, another subsidiary, Société des établisements de jeux du Qébec, guarantees the operation of 12,000 video poker machines scattered across Quebec City and Trussribiere. They were found not only in two game halls, but also in bars frequented by local residents. The above offerings turned out to be the most attractive, attracting more and more eyeballs and eventually emptying the players’ wallets.

A total of 10,005 people participated in the study and provided a fair answer to the question. As it turns out, about 65 percent of Quebec’s legal-age people have participated in gambling activities since early this year. The last survey was conducted and the rate was the same at the time. However, while evaluating the answers, another worrying trend was spotted, making online gambling extremely popular.

The offer of gambling was dominant by 1.5 percent, but nowadays games through mobile apps or other devices connected to the Internet have reached 5.2 percent. Most of the people who participated in the study were players living outside Montreal, who liked Saegene Growth, Aviv Temiscaminkyu, and Lanaudier, as well as Maurici Centudu Quebec.

These results raise awareness of problem gambling. Roto Quebec provides players with a support hotline that provides guidance and advice for those seeking help.

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