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Neymar visits Al Hilal, son of a gun.

Neymar is all smiles as he holds up the blue jersey of Al Hilal.

Neymar’s two-year contract with Al Hilal was a staggering deal.

Neymar’s salary was reportedly in the neighborhood of 220 million won, six times more than he was earning at Paris Saint-Germain.

As Neymar was lured away from Paris for six years by a huge amount of oil money, he didn’t forget to say goodbye to his teammate Lee Kang-in, whom he had been with for just over a month.

“I’ll see you later, son,” Neymar wrote in an affectionate message to Lee, whom he had grown close to in a short time.

Lee Kang-in also wished Neymar all the best in his new endeavor, saying that he had followed him like a brother.

Meanwhile, the Saudi oil money winds are shaking up the world of soccer.

Starting with Ronaldo, followed by Benzema, Kante, Mane, and now Neymar, the Saudi League has quickly become a superstar destination.

The Saudi League has reportedly spent as much as $1 trillion on players ahead of the start of this season.

Analysts say this aggressive investment is part of the so-called Saudi Vision 2030 policy.

The kingdom is building new growth engines for the post-oil era, and the sports industry is one of them.

First, the Saudis created the LIV league in golf, effectively swallowing up the PGA, and now they’re looking at soccer.

Backed by deep pockets, 카지노사이트킴 the Saudi league’s ambitions to surpass soccer’s home of Europe are in full swing.

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