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Ginseng Corporation – Road Corporation

Trade Go Eui-jeong-Park Eunji Kim Sein-Ahn Yerim

From left, Ko Eui-jeong, Park Eun-ji, Kim Se-in and Ahn Ye-rim.

Professional women’s volleyball 성인웹툰 teams KGC Ginseng and Korea

Expressway Corporation have announced a two-for-two trade.

Outside hitter Ko Eui-jeong (23) and setter Park Eun-ji (19), who played

for Ginseng Corporation, moved to Korea Expressway Corporation, while

outside hitter Kim Se-in (20) and setter Ahn Ye-rim (21) of Road Corporation

wore Ginseng Corporation uniforms.

“We made the trade to complement the offensive and defensive capabilities

of both teams and to seek a change in atmosphere by changing the setter,”

일본야동 Ginseng Corporation said on the 23rd.

Ahn Yerim is a 182-centimeter setter who was selected by the Road Corporation

in the 2019-2020 rookie draft.

Kim was drafted by Pepper Savings Bank in the 2021-2022 rookie draft and

switched to Roadworks last season.

Kim showed signs of improvement in the opening match of the 2023 Gumi

Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament against Pepper Savings Bank

on March 29, scoring a team-high 20 points.

Ko Eui-jeong, who was selected by Ginseng Corporation in the 2018-2019 rookie draft, has been highly praised for her consistent play, while Park Eun-ji is a rookie-level player who was selected in the first round of the rookie draft last season.

“We made the trade to compensate for the deficiencies of both teams,” 한국야동 said Roadworks head coach Kim Jong-min and Ginseng head coach Ko Hee-jin.

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