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KIA’s Choi Ji-min finds a special left-handed set-up man for the national team

This tournament isn’t just about rediscovering Moon Dong-joo or Park Young-hyun.

There’s another gem that has been discovered. Choi Ji-min. My biggest concern before the tournament was the lack of a left-handed pitcher. I was worried about who would be able to stop the opposing left-handed hitters, and Choi Ji-min came to the rescue.

Along with Park Young-hyun, Choi has made the most appearances in the tournament. Park and Choi are the only pitchers who have appeared in all the games against Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Chinese Taipei. Choi Ji-min pitched the first inning, followed by Park Young-hyun.

Ji-min Choi has been scaring batters with her low 140s in this tournament. His arm comes out at a low angle behind his ear, making it difficult for lefties. Again in the eighth inning, Choi struck out Taiwan’s No. 4 Lin An-ker on a first-pitch fly to center field, and then struck out No. 5 Wu Yenting and No. 6 Lin Zhihao. Choi let out a loud roar when he struck out Lin Zhihao. It was a parliamentary moment for Choi, who is not known for showing emotion.

Choi had a bit of a slump in the middle of the season, but she showed great improvement at the Hangzhou Asian Games. He has also won the heart of coach Ryu Jung-il.

Left-handed pitchers are an absolute necessity in international competition. And one of the most established left-handed set-up men in the game right now is Choi Ji-min.

She’s only in her second year. He is also a candidate for the next KIA closer. On the right-handed side, we have Park Young-hyun, but on the left-handed side, it’s Choi Ji-min. He is considered to be good enough to be used in the WBC beyond the APBC.

There is a good chance that Choi will be on the roster for the next WBC. In particular, he has become an indispensable resource for Ryu Joong-il.

The Hangzhou AG has had quite the harvest this season. In addition to national ace Moon Dong-ju, specialty setup man Park 메이저토토사이트 Young-hyun, and right-handed outfielder Yoon Dong-hee, the discovery of left-handed closer Choi Ji-min is a valuable one.

Choi Ji-min’s path to becoming the next Kia Tigers closer or top starter has been paved.

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