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Prohibited drug controversy’…14.3 billion won in annual salary , 60 million won

Currently, Pogba is embroiled in a controversy over taking banned drugs. Testosterone hormones were the problem. Testosterone, a hormone that temporarily increases exercise performance when administered, is a substance prohibited by anti-doping instruments. Therefore, if Pogba, whose “non-endogenous testosterone” was detected through doping tests, fails to prove that he did not deliberately inject the hormone, he could face a suspension of two to four years in accordance with the doping regulations prohibited by FIFA.

Pogba’s side expressed unfairness about this. Pogba’s agent Rafaela Pimenta said: “We are waiting for a backup analysis. I can’t bring up anything now. What can be certain is that Pogba had no intention of breaking doping regulations. I can guarantee you this,” he appealed.

To make matters worse, however, the backup analysis also tested positive. At this rate, the possibility of Pogba’s suspension will increase considerably. Juventus, which is on fire, is reportedly considering Pierre-Emile Hoibier and Thomas Partey in preparation for Pogba’s departure.

At the same time, Juventus drew a knife from Pogba. The media said, “Juventus did not hesitate to sanction players. He now lives separately from the rest of the team. I can’t even communicate with the club staff. “The report said. It is Juventus’ decision to feel the anger toward Pogba, who has become “useless” by creating gossip outside of soccer, as well as being unable to play in many games due to continuous injuries since joining the team.
France’s “Foot Mercato” said on the 8th (Korea Standard Time), “Juventus has disciplined Pogba, the team’s highest salary.” Pogba received 10 million euros (about 14.3 billion won) just a few days ago, but from now on, he will receive 42,000 euros (about 60 million won), the minimum annual salary, he said.


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