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Samsung’s longest-serving foreign player is going for “fifth year” in 2024.

Buchanan started against Home SSG on the 14th and recorded four hits, four walks, one strikeout, and two runs in five innings. Although he did not become a winning pitcher, Samsung came from behind to win 5-3. It is also a game in which Oh Seung-hwan achieved his first 400 saves in the KBO League.

Adding to the record, Buchanan ended the season with 188 innings, 12 wins and 8 losses, and a 2.54 ERA in 30 games. The number of strikeouts is 139, which is not very much, but instead 43 walks are allowed. The strikeout-ballnet ratio is 3.23.

He played the most innings since his debut. It is also the first time that he has gone over 180 innings. The number of games played is the highest for individuals. He has won 10 games for four consecutive years, and his ERA in the two-point range is his first since his debut. Last year was the lowest at 3.04.

Based on statistics, the WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players) is 5.15. It exceeded 4.68 made in 2020, the first season. ERA+ (adjusted ERA) is also the best at 167.3.

Even in the league as a whole, it is a top-rated team. He ranks third in ERA in the league, first in innings, tied for fifth in multiple wins, and ninth in strikeouts. WAR is 6th and ERA+ is 3rd.

It’s definitely a “career high” in almost every way. He is Samsung’s undisputed ace. Albert Suarez was injured and Taylor Widener, who was generally recruited, came, but Buchanan was still the best.

There is a word at the end of the season. It’s a “re-contract.” Those who stay, those who go, go. For Samsung, Buchanan should be considered the subject of renewal.

Born in 1989, he spent the 34-year-old season. He will turn 35 next year. But there is no sign of ageing at all. It is the most obvious “constant” of the team. If you miss a pitcher like this, the power gap is obvious.

He is a player who has a large proportion outside the game. On the day he takes the mound, he is thoroughly focused on himself, but on the day he does not take the mound, he is the best cheerleader in the dugout. It is playing a significant role as a mood maker. The team members also have strong trust.

Buchanan is likely to leave in search of another league, but the odds don’t seem high. It is no exaggeration to say that it is “Samsung’s optimization ace.”

A situation in which Widener looks jagged. If this trend continues, Samsung is likely to find a foreign pitcher with two options based on Buchanan.

You just have to look at your skills. It can’t be easy to get another foreign pitcher of this level with $1 million.


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