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Asian Games, From ‘Legend’s Daughter’ to Gold Medalist

[Asian Games] From ‘Legend’s Daughter’ to Gold Medalist… Women’s saber ‘Yoon Ji-su era’

From ‘youngest’ in women’s saber to ‘eldest’… First AG individual medal in gold

Yoon Ji-soo

Jisoo Yoon (30, Seoul Metropolitan Government),

a national fencing women’s saber team whose father is a ‘professional baseball legend’,

stands tall as the gold medalist in the individual event at the Asian Games.

Its Jisoo Yoon won the championship by defeating Saoyachi (China) 15-10 in the final of the women’s saber individual event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Hangzhou University of Electronics Gymnasium in China on the 26th. 바카라사이트

Jisoo Yoon’s first medal in the Asian Games individual event was decorated in gold.

Hak-gil Yoon

Jisoo Yoon is better known for her name as the daughter of KBO talent donation committee member Hakgil Yoon,

who recorded 117 wins, 94 losses, and an ERA of 3.33 during her 12 seasons as a player.

Her father, Commissioner Yoon, led Lotte to its heyday by setting an unprecedented record of ‘100 complete games’.

Ji-su Yoon, who despite the opposition of her father,

who knew best that the path of an athlete is difficult,

entered the path of a fencer and even earned the Taegeuk symbol,

helped Korea win the team event at the 2014 Incheon and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, she and her seniors won the first ever team event (bronze medal) for the Korean women’s saber team.

Perhaps thanks to her downloaded athlete DNA,

she is particularly adept at pushing the envelope and has been shown several times leading the team’s ‘turnaround’ in international competitions.

Women’s Saber Team

She has recently become the new face and eldest sister of the women’s saber team,

which has entered a generational transition.

Women’s saber, which became the main sport of Korean fencing in international competitions following Kim Ji-yeon’s (34)

gold medal in the individual event at the 2012 London Olympics,

is going through a period of change as Kim Ji-yeon gave up the Taegeuk mark in April of this year.

Among the bronze medalists in the women’s saber team event at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics,

Ji-su Yoon is the only player who also participated in this competition.

Jeon Eun-hye (26, Jung-gu Office, Incheon Metropolitan City),

Choi Se-bin (23, Jeonnam Provincial Office), and Hong Ha-eun (24, Seoul Metropolitan Government),

who participated in this Asian Games together, are all younger than him.

When Korea won the women’s team event at the last two Asian Games and won an Olympic team medal, Yoon Ji-su, who was the youngest member of the national team, quickly became the leader of the team.

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