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Its a Incheon Loses 0-2 to Choi Kang-hee’s Shandong

 Incheon recorded its first loss in the group stage.

fell to second place in the group with 2 wins and 1 loss (6 points). 

And although they had 2 wins and 1 loss like Shandong, they rose to the top of the group.

Incheon used the 3-5-2 formation. 

Mugosa, Gerso, Mpoku, Ji-hwan Moon, Hernández, Dong-yoon Jeong, Jun-yeop Kim, Ban-seok Oh, Kwon-jin Kwon, Yeon-soo Kim, and Dong-heon Kim sortied.

The bench included Kim Dae-jung, Cheon Seong-hoon, Kim Min-seok, Hong Si-hoo, Park Seung-ho, Kim Bo-seop, Kim Do-hyuk, Kang Yun-gu, Min Kyung-hyun, Kim Dong-min, Kim Geon-hee, and Lee Tae-hee.

Shandong used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Fellaini, Chen Fu, Moises, Xie Wenneng, Ji Xiang, Li Yuanyu, Liu Yang, Xu Ke, Jadsong, Wang Tong, and Wang Dalei participated.

The replacements included Kli Jiang, Fei Nanduo, Zheng Zheng, Zhang Chi, Han Rongjie, Sun Guowen, Liao Lisheng, Liu Binbin, Hu Jinghang, Zhao Jianfei, Huang Zhengwu and Song Rong.

[Director Cho Seong-hwan, Director Choi Kang-hee Candidate List]

-Incheon Director Cho Seong-hwan 카지노사이트

A. “With wins in the first and second games, I think tomorrow’s game will be an important watershed in getting through the group stage.

It’s important to get results, but due to the team’s circumstances, there should be no injuries. Based on good game management, midweek However, since many fans will come, we will do our best to achieve good results.”

Q. It seems like you are having a lot of trouble due to your injury. A. “Rather than worrying about the number of injuries

, I’m thinking about how to use players to replace the injured ones, and how to do it tactically or strategically. Because every game is important.

I decided to go all-in on tomorrow’s game and think about the game against Gwangju the following weekend.”

Q. You won twice. What are your strategic expectations, what are the first three games like? How was the trip to Yokohama?

A. “There were difficult times in the first half, but we showed and proved ourselves by bouncing back.

In that respect, we prepared well for each game in each position with confidence, and the result in Yokohama and the second game came out. We will continue to work hard.

If you analyze and do your best, I think there will be good games and results.”

Q. How do you analyze Shandong Electric Power? About the matchup with coach Choi Kang-hee

A. “When coach Choi Kang-hee was in Jeonbuk, he played aggressive soccer and soccer without conceding many goals, and it appears that he is doing the same in China as well.

In the league, he has conceded the fewest goals and has won many games in the last 10 games.

We always started with a challenging attitude while learning about ACL, and we are working on it. We plan to continue happily taking on new challenges tomorrow as well.”

-Director Choi Kang-hee of Shandong

Q. Thoughts

A. “This is the 3rd ACL game, and tomorrow’s game is important.

Whether or not we advance to the round of 16 depends on whether we win or lose tomorrow.

It is a game in which we must give our all.

The disappointing part is that there was an injury in the last game, so we were not able to use our full strength.

I can’t.

I will prepare well with the rest of the players.”

Q. It’s been a while since I played in Korea. 

What are your thoughts on that and what part are you emphasizing while playing attacking soccer in Shandong?

A. “It’s been a while since I came to a Korean stadium. It’s a new feeling, but I don’t plan on feeling that relaxed. I have to focus on the game. After all, Incheon is the place to be.

The team is tough, well-reinforced, and the recent games have been good. I think we need to prepare very well.

I’m not ordering attacking football, but conceding the fewest goals in the league.

There’s a lot of emphasis on defensive balance and pressure.

As the team got better, the overall balance of the team improved.

There were talented mercenary players, and they made good decisions, so they scored a lot. Since Incheon is strong defensively and good at counter attacks, I think we should focus on defense rather than attack. .”

Q. The balance of the group was broken as Incheon won against Yokohama. How to overcome

this A. “Unexpectedly, I thought Incheon would have a difficult time away in Yokohama, but they won 4-2.

If you look at that game, Incheon’s characteristics are clearly visible.

I’ve been watching the recent games, and they didn’t concede many goals and were very defensive.

If we are strong and aggressive like the Super League, we can win. We are thinking a lot about that.

But it is a game where we have to win, so we will use all our power.”

Q. It is said that Fellaini is injured, but the possibility of playing is

A. “He has a crack in his nose, but he said he wants to play even if he wears a brace.

There are still important games when he returns.

We will meet with the player tomorrow to see if he will start or play in the second half.

I think I’ll have to try it.

I brought the protector that I put on yesterday and am experimenting with it.

I think I’ll have to decide tomorrow. Crijan is more important than Fellaini.

He also mentioned a muscle injury. Both players are injured.

I think that’s our team’s biggest problem.”

Incheon swallowed their disappointment right from the start. 

In the 1st minute of the first half, after kickoff, Mpoku handed a roving pass to the onrushing Gerso. 

However, he was unable to shoot without being caught by his toe.

Incheon’s decisive opportunity was wasted.

In the 4th minute of the first half, Mpoku sharply handled a free kick from the left side. 

Kim Yeon-soo attempted a header shot, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper’s save. 

In the following corner kick, Moon Ji-hwan’s header shot hit the crossbar.

It kept pouring in. In the 5th minute of the first half, Dongyun Jeong received Mpoku’s lobbed pass and connected with a cross.

 Hernández attempted an overhead kick, but missed and did not reach the goal.

A variable has been created. 

In the 9th minute of the first half, Ji Xiang left the field due to injury. In its place, Liaoli Castle was built.

Shandong counterattacked. In the 12th minute of the first half, after receiving a header pass from Fellaini, Won Neng took a fast-paced shot. 

However, the ball missed the far post.

Shandong’s goal continued to remain open. In the 22nd minute of the first half, Mugosa received a free kick in the left half and Mpoku put it in front of the goal. 

Oh Ban-seok had a no-mark chance, but it missed the mark by a narrow margin and went past the goal.

Shandong recorded a shot. In the 26th minute of the first half, Xie Wenneng shot into the corner of the goal following a free kick. 

However, goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon made a stable save. Immediately Incheon launched a counterattack, and Mugosa scored from the right flank. 

However, he did not get caught by the rushing Gerso.

Shandong missed the opportunity. In the 31st minute of the first half, Jadsong’s header missed the goal during a corner kick situation. 

And in the 34th minute of the first half, VAR checked for a handball foul by Hernández, but it passed without a problem.

Incheon’s score was lost. In the 38th minute of the first half, a counterattack began. 

Gerso threw a through pass to Jeong Dong-yoon, who was rushing in from the left. 

Jeong Dong-yoon, who took over, sprinted and shot, but missed after hitting the goalkeeper’s hand. 

Then, in the 43rd minute of the first half, Gerso’s mid-range shot went wide to the left.

Three minutes of extra time were given in the first half. 

The two teams fought fiercely, but the match ended without any goals being scored.

[Second half]

Shandong recorded a shot at the start of the second half. 

In the 1st minute of the second half, Moises’ shot in front of the penalty box missed and ended in vain. 

Then, in the 5th minute of the second half, Liu Yang’s mid-range shot soared high over the crossbar.

Incheon used the replacement card. 

In the 7th minute of the second half, Moon Ji-hwan was removed and Kim Do-hyuk was added.

Shandong scored the first goal. 

In the 13th minute of the second half, substitute Crijan shot from in front of the penalty arc. 

The ball was sucked into the top right corner of the goal.

Incheon swallowed its regrets. 

In the 18th minute of the second half, Jeong Dong-yoon received a through pass from Hernández and scored from the left side. 

Mugosa hit this with his foot, but it went directly in front of the goalkeeper.

Shandong threatened Incheon’s goal. 

In the 22nd minute of the second half, Moises’ left-foot mid-range shot missed the goal. 

Then, in the 25th minute of the second half, Incheon made a change. 

Kim Yeon-soo and Mugosa were brought in, and Min Kyeong-hyeon and Cheon Seong-hun were brought in.

Incheon sighed. 

In the 33rd minute of the second half, Liu Binbin received a through pass and found himself in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. 

As the powerful shot went straight ahead, goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon was able to block it.

Incheon replaced. 

In the 38th minute of the second half, Kim Dae-jung and Park Seung-ho replaced Gerso and Mpoku, showing their will to score.

Shandong hit the nail on the head. 

In the 43rd minute of the second half, a ground ball cross came in front of the goal, and Fellaini finished the game with a shot after winning the duel with Oh Ban-seok.

Incheon’s opportunity was lost. 

In the 45th minute of the second half, Hernández attempted a free kick from a far position. 

The goalkeeper managed to hit it as it flew strongly toward the goal.

Five minutes of extra time in the second half were given, and Kim Dae-jung’s shot went past the goal in the second minute of extra time in the second half. 

No further goals were scored, and the match ended with Shandong winning 2-0.

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