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Mayor Kim Byung-soo “Gimpo FC promoted to K League 1…we will do our best to support”

Gimpo FC aims for promotion to the K League 1 two years after turning pro. Gimpo FC, which started as a local professional team, has made it to the playoffs and is on the verge of reaching its dream league, the K League 1.

“If Gimpo FC can make it to the 토토사이트 K League 1, we will do our best to support them,” Gimpo Mayor Kim Byung-soo said on the 27th.

Behind Gimpo FC’s steep growth is not only the support of fans, but also the active support of Gimpo City. Gimpo City helped the team’s ace, Lewis, sign a contract extension. In addition, when the team faced a crisis due to not meeting the requirements for building the necessary facilities, which is a prerequisite for promotion to the K League 1, the city stepped in to secure a grace period and actively promote the improvement of the facilities, thus qualifying for the playoffs of the Korean Professional Football Association.

With the city’s support, Gimpo FC’s performance improved significantly. The interest of the public has also increased. The number of paid spectators at home games has increased by 85% since the eighth civil election. The number of views of game videos on YouTube also increased by 379%. Our influence on social media has also increased dramatically. Facebook reach increased by 48.3% and Instagram followers by 189%.

Various activities with local citizens also contributed to Gimpo FC’s leap forward. The ‘1st Gimpo FC Festival’, which was attended by more than 1,000 fans including Gimpo citizens, was a festival of communication and harmony between the players, young fans, cheerleaders, and citizens. Various events such as bingo games, OX quizzes, and high-fives at the end of the game were held, and it became the first soccer festival in Gimpo City where citizens and players mingle together.

Mayor Kim Byung-soo said, “Until now, Gimpo FC has grown by communicating and breathing with citizens.” He added, “If Gimpo FC, which is growing steeply with citizens, can go to K League 1, we will do our best to support it.”

Gimpo FC CEO Hong Kyung-ho also said, “Thanks to you, there is Gimpo FC. Gimpo FC will continue to make new attempts to make Gimpo citizens proud.” “I hope that Gimpo citizens and Gimpo FC fans will join forces and support Gimpo FC so that Gimpo FC can strive for promotion to the K League 1.”

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