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The show features six poker amateurs each week in the United States and Canada.

Participants will compete for prize money as well as a chance to become the next poker star. Participants must earn a place on the show by participating in a special tournament on , which runs at 10 p.m. EST every week on the 6th.

Eligible people can receive Southwest Airlines’ LA round-trip airfare, a two-night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel West Lake Village, a number of VIP amenities and cash expenditures. The Series is filmed by Alison Waite at the club WPT Lounge as hostess, with commentary and strategy provided by Barry Tompkins and Bart Hansen.

Steve Lipscomb, WPT founder, president, and CEO, said, “Poker is the only sport that allows everyday Joe to compete with pros and gain life-changing money and celebrity status.” “And we all want to be there, but most of us invest time and money to be professional and don’t have the chance to play in big casino games. gives you six nights a week, at your home, the chance to earn a national TV spot and live your dreams.”


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