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Challenge for Gold Medal After 18 Years

Shin Ji-ah, a 15-year-old figure skating prospect, ranked first in the short program at the Junior Grand Prix Final. 

Shin Ji-ah will challenge for gold in free skating today (8th) for the first time in 18 years since Yuna Kim.

Shin Ji-ah, who started her second consecutive King of Kings competition to the tune of ‘Enchanted Waltz’

slightly lost her balance in her first task, three consecutive jumps.

Still, she didn’t waver. 카지노사이트랭크

The remaining two jumps flew higher and more spectacularly than anyone else’s, and with light steps and quick spins, he won the silver medal.

Shin Ji-ah received 69.08 points and ranked first, 0.81 points ahead of Japan’s Mao Shimada.

Last year, she became the first Korean female athlete to win a medal in 17 years since Yuna Kim, and now she will challenge for the first gold medal in 18 years.

Kim Yu-sung, who competed together, ranked 5th, and Kwon Min-sol ranked 6th.

In the men’s singles, Kim Hyun-gyeom and Lim Joo-heon increased their chances of winning a medal for the first time in 7 years since Cha Jun-hwan.

Hyun-gyeom Kim soared cleanly through three jump tasks, including a triple axel

received the highest level for both spin and step, and proudly ranked first with her personal best score of 77.01 points.

Lim Joo-heon also took second place, 3.29 points behind Kim Hyeon-gyeom, with his flawless performance

increasing his dream of winning his first ever medal.

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