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Jeon Seong-hyun Ha Yoon-ki’ vs. Heo Hoon Warney Choi Jun-yong

KBL announced the results of the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball All-Star Game team composition. 

For this All-Star Game, coach Kim Joo-sung, MVP of the 2007-2008 All-Star Game, and coach Cho Sang-hyun

MVP of the 2006-2007 All-Star Game, took charge of each team and formed the players themselves.

The All-Star Game team names were decided on the two most popular characters among KBL’s characters,

KBL Friends’, with Coach Kim Joo-sung’s team being the Kblemong Team and Coach Cho Sang-hyun’s team being the Gong-Aji Team. 온라인카지노

KBL plans to present uniform patches, device decorations, events, etc. using Kblemong and blank paper at the All-Star Game.

As a result of the All-Star Draft selected by each team’s manager, the best five members of the Kblemont team were Heo Woong (KCC)

Didric Lawson (DB), Jeong-hyeon Lee (Sono), Seong-hyeon Jeon (Sono), and Yoon-ki Ha (KT), and the best of the Gong-Aji team was selected.

5 were Heo Hoon (KT), Jamil Warney (SK), Choi Jun-yong (KCC), Yang Hong-seok (LG), and Kim Jong-gyu (DB). 안전놀이터

In addition, coach Kim Joo-seong selected SK coach Kim Jae-hwan and KCC coach Shin Myeong-ho as coaches for the Kblemong team, and coach Cho Sang-hyeon selected KT coach Kim Young-hwan and Jeong Kwan-jang coach Choi Seung-tae as coaches for the Gong-Aji team.

The 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball All-Star Game will be held at Goyang Sono Arena on January 14, 2024, and contest participants and All-Star Game events will be announced later.

Meanwhile, directors Kim Joo-seong and Cho Sang-hyun also revealed the reasons for their selection of the top five.

Coach Kim Joo-seong said, “I chose Lawson because I hope he will have a good season thanks to the memories of the All-Star Game.

I chose Heo Woong because I was happy to have memories from his time as a player.” Coach Cho Sang-hyeon explained,

We selected players like Choi Jun-yong, Kim Jong-gyu, and Yang Hong-seok considering their height.”

KCC colleagues ‘superstars’ Heo Woong and Choi Jun-yong were selected as key players for each team.

Coach Kim Joo-seong expressed his expectations, saying, “He has showmanship and is an outstanding player. 토토사이트

I think he will show a good impression and performance to the fans.

 Coach Cho Sang-hyun also said, “He has a lot of talent and good performance, so I think he will play an important role in the game.”

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