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“49 years!” and Levi-Kane “3 years?”

Last summer, a blockbuster deal was completed. Kane, a former Tottenham Hussper youth and world-class striker, joined Bayern Munich in a surprise move.

It wasn’t an easy deal. Tottenham wanted to hold onto Kane in some way, but for a long time, a no-knit issue was a problem. Munich put their faith in Kane, who was about to expire, betting an astronomical amount on him. Eventually, Kane left Tottenham, where he had become affectionate, for Munich.

Munich, which desperately needed a striker comparable to Robert Lewandowski, and Kane, who desperately wanted a trophy. The mega-ton deal was made due to the matching interests of both sides.

Kane has continued his fantastic performance since the season opened. He has scored a whopping 20 goals in 14 matches in the German Bundesliga. He has had three hat tricks up to the match against Bochum in round 5, Darmstadt in round 9, and Dare Clasicker Dortmund in round 10.

He is crossing the milestone. It is the highest number of goals scored in a single season in the German Bundesliga. Gerd Muller’s 40 goals in the 1971-72 season was broken by Lewandowski’s 41 goals in the 2020-21 season. The record, which had been broken in 49 years, could be broken in just three years.

Last summer, Lewandowski said, “My 41 goals in 29 games is still amazing. It was ridiculous. Kane is also a great player, but the German Bundesliga is not easy. I think we need a little more time and we don’t know yet. I didn’t think myself that I would break Mueller’s record.” With the current pace, Kane could really break it.

However, Kane said, “I still have a long way to go. Every time I score, I will keep asking questions, but I have to keep focused every game. I want to keep scoring. Naturally, I will try to set a new record around April. Lewandowski has displayed fantastic performances and is one of the best strikers in the world. I still have a long way to go, but I have to continue what I am doing,” adding that I will not focus on breaking the record right now. Kane is continuing to dominate the German Bundesliga as if it is not his first time.


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