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Yoo Seung-chul is finding hope in Australia

KIA Tigers right-hander Yoo Seung-chul, 27, is finding hope in Australia. He recently traveled to Australia after completing his final camp in November and is playing for the Canberra Cavaliers in the Australian League. He was eager to apply what he learned at the Okinawa finalization camp in November. As of the 21st, he has appeared in three games, allowing four hits in five innings while striking out three and walking none. His ERA is 0.00.

Of course, there have been moments of disappointment. It was in his second start, against the Adelaide Giants on the 17th. Down 2-4 in the sixth inning with two runners on base, I came in as the third pitcher and gave up a two-run double to the first batter I faced. It was a pinch-hitter, so there was no earned run, but he was unable to fulfill his duties as a reliever.

He responded with a reversal of fortune. In the bottom of the sixth, the team’s bats came alive with four runs to tie the game. He pitched two scoreless innings in the seventh and eighth innings with his strong command, and the team scored the game-winning run in the bottom of the seventh. In the end, Yoo secured a 7-6 victory and his first win in the Australian League.

In his first start against the Adelaide Giants on May 15, he pitched 1⅔ innings of one-hit, one-strikeout ball.

Made his first appearance with the bases loaded in the fifth inning with a 4-1 lead. He struck out the first batter he faced, but gave up a two-RBI double to the next batter to make it 3-4. But he got the next batter to fly out to end the threat. 안전놀이터 The team went on to win 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth.

Against the Sydney Blue Sox on the 20th, he came in as the second pitcher in the eighth inning with a 10-run lead and faced four batters, giving up one hit and striking out one to secure the win. In all three games, he pitched the winning run to settle into the Australian League. He will continue to pitch in various situations and gain experience as a reliever until January next year.

Yoo Seung-chul made two technical and mental gains at the Okinawa finalization camp. First, he overcame the mound anxiety that plagued him. The jitters would come on suddenly when he was on the mound, causing his pitching balance and delivery to fluctuate greatly. It was a slump that came from relying solely on his 152kmwkfl fastball. With the help of pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon, who has a lot of closing experience, he got his pitches in the right direction.

His advice was to focus on the pitching process rather than the outcome of the catcher’s mitt.

His advice was to focus on the pitching process rather than the outcome of the catcher’s mitt. He also taught me how to play the forkball. A falling changeup is a great weapon. A 150-kilometer fastball can be more powerful. AUSTRALIA

“I’ve seen him throw on video in Korea and I’ve seen him on the field here,” said Shim, who traveled to Australia to finalize preparations for the tournament. His delivery is much better than I thought. I ordered him to throw as many balls as he wants to throw.” Yoo Seung-rae, who met with Shim, said, “I got the best feeling in the final camp after joining the team. I wanted to experiment in real life, and I’m grateful that you sent me to Australia. I feel so good,” he said, showing his confidence.

Yoo Seung-chul is a 2017 rookie first round pick.

He was a catcher at Hyochun High School before switching to pitching in his junior year. His powerful fastball earned him the first pick, but he spent seven years battling slumps and injuries due to his lack of pitching experience. In his eighth year, he is desperate to make an impact in the 2024 season. That’s why he chose to study in Australia at such a young age.

The success of his juniors in the Australian League is also a big motivation for him. Second-year pitcher Choi Ji-min regained his confidence and composure in the Australian League in January, earning a spot in the first team and a call-up to the national team. 2023 rookie left-hander Kwak Do-kyu gained confidence in the Australian League for a month. Yoo Seung-chul is a first-team bullpen arm next season. Finding confidence in the Australian League is a big win for the team.

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