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Jeong Kwan-Jang Jumps to 4th Place with 3 Consecutive Wins

Women’s volleyball team Jeong Kwan-Jang climbed to 4th place with 3 consecutive wins. 

Pepper Savings Bank suffered its 15th consecutive loss.

Jeong Kwan-Jang won with a set score of 3-1 (25-21, 21-25, 25-16, 25-13)

in the match against Pepper Savings Bank in the 4th round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women’s Division held at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 11th.

Cheong Kwan Jang won with even performance from five players (Jung Ho-young 20 points, Jia 15 points, 토토사이트

Mega 14 points, Lee So-young 10 points, Park Eun-jin 10 points) scoring double-digit scores. 

Ho-Young Jeong recorded the most points in a game this season, including 5 blocks. 

For Pepper Savings Bank, Yasmin struggled with 26 points, but it was not enough.

CheongKwanJang (10 wins, 12 losses, 33 points), which recently won three games in a row, surpassed IBK Industrial Bank (11 wins, 11 losses, 32 points) and rose to fourth place. 

They are 5 points behind 3rd place GS Caltex (13 wins, 9 losses, 38 points). 

Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranked team (2 wins, 20 losses, 7 points), recorded its 15th consecutive loss. 

They also reached the record for the team’s longest losing streak (17 consecutive losses).

Savings Bank used the Chae Sun-ah and Kim Hae-min double libero system like the last game. 

However, MJ Phillips, who was hit in the eye by a ball, was sidelined and Seo Chae-won became the starter.

Coach Go Hee-jin cited So-young Lee’s performance as a factor in the team’s recent two-game winning streak. 

Even in the first set, Soyoung Lee lived up to Coach Go’s expectations. 

He played a central role in both offense and defense. Cheong Kwan Jang, with Mega, Jia, and Lee So-young, continued to take the lead. 

However, Pepper, who had a strong will to break the losing streak, did not back down easily. 

Yasmin and Park Jeong-ah responded with a double gun.

However, differences in capabilities were revealed in the middle. The national team’s middle blocker duo, Ho-young Jeong and Eun-jin Park, showed better performance in attack and blocking. 

Jeong Kwan-jang also showed better defense and won the first set.

The early part of the second set was also a close match. 

Although Cheong Gwan-jang was slightly ahead in terms of firepower,

Yasmin balanced the attack by blocking Zia and Mega’s attacks. Director Jeong also took out Mega and added Park Hye-min,

thereby apologizing for Jia. Yasmin played an active role in Pepper Savings Bank,

but Jeong Gwan-jang blocked the game every time it was crucial, making it difficult to turn the situation around.

Pepper Savings Bank finally turned the economy around. Yasmin’s back attack and successive blocking by Ha Hye-jin and Go-eun Lee made it 19-18. 

With Ha Hye-jin’s direct kill and Park Jeong-ah’s blocking, Pepper Savings Bank ran away to 21-18. 

Pepper Savings Bank made the set score 1-1 with Yasmin acting as a solver.

Cheong Kwan-Jang easily won the third set. As the receiving stabilized, Jeong Ho-young’s middle attack showed its power. 

Pepper Savings Bank replaced Yasmin to improve her stamina as the difference in scores widened. 

However, Cheong Kwan-Jang gained momentum and attacked Pepper Savings Bank in the 4th set. 

Setter Yeom Hye-sun neutralized pepper blocking by actively utilizing the offensive power of Park Eun-jin and Jeong Ho-young.

Coach Jeong Kwan-jang Ko Hee-jin said, “Hye-sun did a good job.

The wing attackers were a little out of rhythm, so I told them to use the center more.

They attacked well. It’s encouraging that it worked as ordered. It’s a mountain to climb,

but they prepared well for one game and raised their hopes for the postseason. “

I’ll call you,” he said. The goal for rounds 4 to 6 is 5 wins and 1 loss. 

Hyundai Engineering & Construction and IBK Industrial Bank must all be caught. Both teams fought well and lost in the previous game. “

I will definitely win this time,” he said.

Before the season, coach Go Hee-jin selected Yeom Hye-sun as the key player.

Coach Ko said, “The toss to the wing was shaky, but the center toss was very good. Hyeseon is doing really well these days. 

She has no worries. She trains a lot. It’s amazing that Hye-sun trains at night in her career. “

I think that comes out as a good performance,” he said.

Ho-young Jeong was overwhelming when he was good this season, but he made a lot of mistakes when he was bad.

Coach Hee-jin Ko, who was also a middle blocker, said, “It’s training. 

He says that he himself was unable to train due to his physical condition. 

Hoyoung is in a position to walk on a tightrope. “He is neither above nor below,” he said. “

Maybe it’s my greed, but he can play as a national team player.” “

He can become a player with the same scoring power as Yang Hyo-jin or Bae Yu-na,” he said.

He continued, “If he feels it, he will change. Hoyoung needs to grow more. 

We say that the center is our strength, but we cannot make use of that. My blocking was disappointing today,

but I managed to catch it at the end. You must be strong in your thoughts. “

I need to think more about volleyball,” he said.

Coach Joe Tringe received a warning for protesting in the fourth set. Coach Tringe said, “I won’t talk about the decision.”

Pepper Savings Bank also said today. After losing their rhythm once, they quickly collapsed.

Coach Tringe said, “I think we need to play the same way as a team. “

I think we need to know how to play as a group of 6 people,” he said.

In the men’s division, KEPCO defeated Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with a set score of 3-0 (25-17, 25-22, 25-15).

KEPCO (11 wins, 11 wins) Loss, 32 points) beat Hyundai Capital (9 wins, 13 losses, 31 points) and became 5th again.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (14 wins, 8 losses, 38 points) suffered its third consecutive loss.

Thais had 20 points and Lim Seong-jin had 14. , and Seo Jae-deok raised 9 points.

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