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Manchester United’s 110 Billion Won Investment Completely Failed

] Jadon Sancho (24), whom Manchester United had ambitiously recruited, is leaving Old Trafford.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, announced on the 11th (Korean time)

The loan contract between Manchester United and Dortmund for Sancho has ended,” and “Sancho is returning to Dortmund.

Here wo go!” “Here we go” is a phrase that Reporter Romano adds to certain news.

Reporter Romano also added that this contract did not include a complete transfer option. 토토사이트

Sancho, who showed outstanding performances at Borussia Dortmund before joining Manchester United

left Dortmund for a transfer fee of 85 million euros (about 110 billion won) ahead of the 2021-22 season and wore a Manchester United uniform.

Manchester United invested a large amount of money in Sancho, considering him to be both present and future.

The problem came to Manchester United and growth stopped.

He failed to demonstrate any of the skills he showed in Dortmund.

Sancho only scored 3 goals and 3 assists in 29 games in the first year of his transfer.

The first year of his transfer was seen as a period of adjustment

but last season he only recorded 6 goals and 3 assists in 26 games. At Dortmund

he was a super talented player who scored up to 20 goals in a season, but now he has fallen to the point where his teammates are disgusted.

His long-term injury and poor performance have stalled his growth, putting a significant burden on Manchester United’s shoulders.

To make matters worse, controversy over his attitude arose and his position fell to the ground. Sancho was left out of the roster for the game against Arsenal in the fourth round.

When asked after the game why Sancho was left out of the squad, manager Eric Tenhaag said: “Performance in training was not up to the level we wanted.

At Manchester United, we have to reach the level we want every day.

So we have options and Sancho has not been able to do this this time.

I wasn’t selected for the game,” he replied.

Sancho, who was criticized in public for his attitude rather than his performance

issued a statement and refuted the accusation, calling it “unfair.”

He said, “I cannot tolerate other people saying things that are not true,” and added, “I did very well in training this week.”

“I’m sure there are other reasons for this incident, but I won’t go into them,

he said, raising his voice and adding, “I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time. This is unfair.”

Since then, Sancho has not played in a single official game played by Manchester United.

According to ‘ESPN’, the Manchester United locker room is disgusted by Sancho’s behavior. The arrow was aimed at Sancho.

In the end, it was reported that Manchester United colleagues were fed up with Sancho’s behavior.

Legend also criticized Sancho’s actions. Ryan Giggs, who played in a total of 632 games in the English Premier League for Manchester United

interpreted that manager Ten Haag had given Sancho his last chance and advised him to “judge well.”

Giggs emphasized the difference in mindset, saying, “It’s now up to Sancho to play in the game.

At times like this, you can react by saying, ‘Okay, I’ll show you, I’ll show you what I can do,’ or you can get angry and do nothing.” did.

He continued, “Coach Eric ten Haag has thrown the last dice.

I think he wants to see how Sancho reacts after publicly pointing it out,” and added, “I feel like this is the last straw to save Sancho.”

Until the end, Sancho did not hold coach Ten Haag’s hand. Coach Ten Haag also tried not to force Sancho along.

He has been classified as out of power and is considering disposal in the winter transfer market. When Sancho came up for sale, Dortmund, who had good memories, rushed in.

Dortmund proposed a plan to pay rent of 3 million pounds (about 5 billion won). The problem was weekly wages.

Dortmund hoped that Manchester United would cover Sancho’s full weekly salary. Manchester United refused.

In the end, the card that Dortmund drew was half the burden. Of Sancho’s weekly salary of 337,000 euros (about 486.35 million won)

Manchester United decided to subsidize 116,000 euros (about 167.4 million won).

Dortmund will be able to use Sancho for six months by paying only half his weekly salary

 Manchester United had the headache of having to dispose of Sancho that way.

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