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BTS Jimin Releases Handwritten Letter After Completing Recruit Training

On the 17th, Jimin released a handwritten letter saying “To ARMY” through the fan community Weverse account.

Jimin said, “ARMY, are you doing well and healthy? Tomorrow is the day I graduate from the training center. A little over a month has passed, and there are times when it feels like a long time, but with Jungkook by my side, there are times when it seems to pass quickly.” 먹튀검증사이트

He continued, “It hasn’t been a long time, but I already miss you so much. I’ve been chatting with the members on the pay phone and asking how they are doing, and Jungkook is also working hard in his military service. He’s done so well in training that all the kids are saying, ‘As expected, I’m going to miss you all so much.'” He said, “Jungkook calls me hyung, and while we are together, he relies on me a lot and is becoming my strength.”

In addition, he said, “I will be going to my home country soon, so I will adapt well and do well when I go there.” He added, “Our ARMYs, please be careful not to catch a cold, don’t get sick, eat well, and think only good thoughts. I will write to you even after I go home, I love you.”

Jimin and Jungkook attended the 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training College graduation ceremony on the 17th. The two are assigned to the 5th Infantry Division and begin their military service for one year and five months.

Currently, all BTS members are completing military service. The eldest brother Jin enlisted in December 2022, and J-Hope enlisted in April last year. Additionally, Suga completed his military service as a social worker in September of last year.

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