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Ivan Perisic has been loaned from Tottenham

Ivan Perisic has been loaned from Tottenham to his hometown club Hajduk.

Hajduk Split officially announced the signing of Perisic on loan through their official channels on Monday (July 19). “We have signed Perisic for the rest of the season,” the club said. The contract runs until the end of June,” the club said.

The move marks Perisic’s return to Hajduk, where he first started playing soccer, after 17 years. Perisic joined Heydouk in 2000 at the age of 12 and played in the youth ranks until 2006. He then moved to Sochaux-Montbéliard, where he made his professional debut.

Earlier, European soccer transfer expert Fabrizio Romano said on social media, “The process of Perisic’s return is going well. “Perisic wants to return to make history at Heydouk and Tottenham are willing to allow him to move on loan until the end of the season,” he said. Only when the transfer is confirmed does Alli shout his trademark “HERE WE GO” chant.

It is, in effect, a complete breakup.

Perisic is under contract with Spurs until June 2024. 안전놀이터 At the end of his loan, he is expected to move to Hajduk outright as a free agent.

Hajduk Split is Perisic’s hometown club. It’s where he spent his youth career.

Perisic is contracted to Spurs until 2024.

It hasn’t been that long since Perisic wore a Spurs shirt. He was a free agent after his contract with Inter Milan (Italy) expired and joined the club just before the 2022-2023 season. He was reunited with Antonio Conte, who was leading Spurs at the time. The pair had won the Serie A title together with Inter Milan in the 2021-2022 season.

Perisic has also played for Wolfsburg, Inter Milan, and Bayern Munich in the past.

A failed signing. Conte wanted to build a team around Perisic, but his form didn’t keep up. He was on a downward spiral, which led to some side disharmony with Son Heung-min.

There’s more to Perisic than that.

Despite being a midfielder, he left a lot to be desired in terms of his ability to transition the ball. In his 50 games for Tottenham, he scored 1 goal and 14 assists, which is a decent amount of offensive points.

However, Perisic was not in the plans of manager Enzi Postecoglou when he took over at Spurs ahead of the season. He was quickly reduced to a substitute. To make matters worse, he tore his cruciate ligament in training last September and was declared out for the season.

“He’s not going to play for Tottenham anymore,” Postecoglou recently said of Perisic. He hinted that he was done with Perisic.

Injury has taken hold of Perisic’s ankle. 안전한 파워볼사이트 Perisic suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury last September. There was a lot of concern that he would have a difficult time returning due to his age.

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