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What did Tottenham ask Timo Werner to do?

What did Tottenham Hotspur manager Angie Postecoglou ask ‘Son replacement’ Timo Werner to do?

‘Werner has spoken about his first week at Tottenham after joining the club on loan from RB Leipzig,’ British media outlet Football London reported on April 20 (ET).

Tottenham officially announced the signing of Werner on Sept. 9. Werner made his debut for Tottenham six days after joining the club. He appeared in a Premier League match against Manchester United. He recorded one assist in a 2-2 draw.

Werner is a replacement for Son Heung-min. 토토사이트 Son was at the Asian Cup with the South Korean national team. He hasn’t played since the FA Cup third round match against Burnley on June 6. He won’t return until mid-February if South Korea advances to the final.

Werner said: “I came to a new team, met new teammates, staff and coaches. It was a really fun and special week. Everything went by so fast. We trained two or three times and then went straight to the first game.”

Switching teams in the middle of the season was hectic.

Werner explains, “Usually we move in the preseason. We usually train 10-15 times before the first game. Here, we trained twice and played in the biggest stadium in Europe. Of course we were nervous. It was a very important game. Thanks to the players, I was able to adapt quickly, and in the end I had a lot of fun,” he recalls.

Werner also explained what Postecoglu asked of him.

“He told me to play deep in space and always move wide. He told me to get behind the defenders. When I get the ball, I have to move forward. They told me to enjoy it and that things would take care of themselves after two or three days, and I think that’s what happened,” he laughs.

Werner had a good impression of Postecoglu.

“He’s definitely someone you want to work with,” Werner says. Already on the first day, I saw that the whole team supported him. That’s the most important thing. Everyone in the group has very good things to say about him.”

Werner has also already built up trust: “Postecoglue always gives me confidence and is clear about what I need to do. That’s what I need and what the team needs. That’s why I’m having a good season,” he says with satisfaction.

However, there is still a question mark over Werner.

‘Werner worked tirelessly but was frustratingly wasteful,’ the British newspaper The Guardian wrote after the game against United on Friday.

‘Five shots and one assist might seem like an impressive start,’ the Guardian wrote, ‘but is it enough? 토토사이트 순위 Only one shot threatened the goal, and when he came off the field in the 80th minute for Brian Hill, question marks abounded.

Tottenham were excited about Werner’s potential. Werner’s work rate is perfect for the pressing style of soccer that Postecoglou plays. With Tottenham without Son Heung-min for the foreseeable future, Werner should be guaranteed playing time.

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