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KBO archived FA contract, up to 1.4 billion won

KBO archived FA contract, up to 1.4 billion won difference from baseball yearbook… Suspicions of bribery

野 Yoo Jeong-ju “Suspicion of kickbacks even in SSG predecessor SK FA contract”… SSG “There was no kickback”

While the prosecution is investigating allegations that former general manager Jang Jeong-seok demanded ‘kickbacks’ during the process of coordinating the free agent (FA) contract of the professional baseball KIA Tigers, other domestic professional clubs

It was raised that a similar case may have occurred in FA contracts. 카지노사이트탑

Rep. Yoo Jeong-ju of the Democratic Party of Korea held a press conference at the National Assembly communication center on the 23rd and said,

“The FA that domestic clubs have submitted to the KBO and is kept by the KBO.

It was claimed that “among the contracts, many contracts were found whose contents were different from the baseball yearbook released every year by the KBO.”

He then revealed, “There was a difference of as little as 50 million won and as much as 1.4 billion won in the total amount and options,

it was also discovered that the player’s signature and handwriting were different in some of the contracts.”

According to the congressman’s office, Rep. Yoo Jeong-ju compared the contents of the free agent player contracts kept by the KBO from 2010 to this year and the baseball yearbook published every year, and found 10 contracts whose contents did not match.

In addition, Rep. Yoo cited an actual player’s statement and raised suspicions of kickbacks in the free agent contract process of SK Wyverns, the predecessor of SSG Landers.

Rep. Yoo’s claim is that Player A, who signed a free agent contract with SK Wyverns several years ago and went on overseas training,

was unfairly investigated on suspicion of bribery upon returning to Korea.

The player in question was unfairly investigated.

It is said that the timing was not specified because his identity could be revealed.

Rep. Yoo said, “At the time, the detective who investigated player A said,

“In addition to the FA contract fee and the guaranteed salary, the time was not specified.

“What did you do with the hundreds of millions of won?” he asked, adding, “It is presumed that a team official made kickbacks without Player A’s knowledge and took the money for himself.”

Rep. Yoo requested SSG to confirm Player A’s contract,

but SSG said, “If Player A shows the contract he is keeping first,

the club will also show it to him.” Answer.”

SSG immediately denied Rep. Yoo’s claim.

SSG issued a statement on the same day, saying, “The club contracts with players and coaches.

“We make it clear that there was no bribery transaction in relation to this,”

he said, adding, “We ask the KBO to immediately investigate the facts and clarify the facts clearly.” 토토사이트 백링크

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