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Roster announcement has sparked criticism

The Korean Basketball Association’s recently announced roster for the men’s national team has sparked criticism in basketball circles. The phrase “rice with the herbs” doesn’t refer to the composition of the roster, but to the behavior of the organization.

The KBA announced the roster in a press release on March 23, saying, “After approving the appointment of Ahn Jun-ho and Seo Dong-chul as the new coaching staff of the men’s national team through the board of directors, we held a performance improvement committee and selected 24 preliminary rosters. The association will narrow the roster down to 12 finalists later this month before competing in the ‘2025 Asia Cup Qualifier WINDOW-1’ on February 22-25. 온라인카지노 The roster announcement is the first since last year’s “disastrous” seventh-place finish at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

With a new head coach in place

There were high hopes that the federation would use the ‘Hangzhou disaster’ as a lesson learned and show a willingness to innovate, but the first words out of their mouths were ‘of course’.

The association, which suffered the worst ‘Hangzhou disaster’ in Korean basketball history, is not even willing to provide a blueprint or direction for the future of Korean basketball with the launch of ‘Ahn Junhoho’. “Looking at the announcement of the roster, let alone the reflection after the Hangzhou disaster, I don’t know what criteria or philosophy was used to make the selection,” said an official from Team A. “Many people have doubts because there was no transparent disclosure of how closely the selection was made by the tendency committee, which was held immediately after the supervisory board meeting.” Another said, “It seems that the 24 players were simply selected based on their performance in the ongoing professional basketball season. I’m not impressed.”

When the association announced the list

It said, “The 24-man roster includes Park Mubin (Hyundai Mobis), the second pick in the first round of the 2023 rookie draft, and Oh Jae-hyun (SK) and Han Hee-won (KT), who are playing strongly for their respective teams in the 2023-2024 season,” but there was no specific explanation of what colors the new national team will wear.

While the clubs had hoped that the association would make a fresh start with head-to-head communication with outside clubs and basketball players after the tragedy, the roster announcement process was more of the same.

There is also some cautiousness. 바카라사이트 추천 “It’s premature to attach much significance to the preliminary 24 because we have to cut it down to 12 anyway. As the WINDOW-1 opponent is Australia, it remains to be seen what the direction of the new national team will be, such as compressing the team based on height.”

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