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The newly introduced ‘Asia Quarter’

The newly introduced ‘Asia Quarter’ from the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League is being hailed as a ‘godsend’ for revitalizing professional volleyball. One of the reasons for the unexpected ranking battle is the performance of the Asia Quarter players. Unlike foreign players who are limited to apogee spikers and outside hitters, AsiaQuarter has been able to recruit middle blockers, setters, and liberos in addition to wing attackers to fill in the gaps and strengthen the team.

On the women’s side, Jungkwanjang’s Apojit Mega (Indonesia), Hyundai E&C’s outside hitter Wipawee (Thailand), 바카라사이트 and IBK’s setter Ponpun (Thailand) are considered the “breakout” players.

Mega is seventh overall with 504 points.

She has more points than fellow foreign player Jia (438). Her offensive success rate is 43.2%, which ranks fourth overall. He is performing better than most foreign players.

With 242 points, Wipawi is third on the team in scoring behind Momah (539 points) and Yang Hyo-jin (361 points). She is also a steady defender and a third offensive option, helping to diversify the team’s offense.

Ponpun is a world-class setter in women’s volleyball. In the beginning of the season, her tosses were too fast and she didn’t have much chemistry with her fellow offensive players, but now she has some.

Pepper Savings Bank middle blockers Phillips (Philippines) and Apojit Tanacha (Thailand) have also been recognized for their contributions to the team, while Heungkuk Saengsaeng’s Reina (Japan), who started out as a middle blocker, has recently returned to her original position as an outside hitter and is showing off her skills. GS Caltex setter Tolenada (Philippines) is the only one who hasn’t played much.

Unlike the women’s team’s mostly satisfactory performance, the men’s team was a mixed bag.

KEPCO libero Ryohei (Japan) anchored KEPCO’s defense, ranking first in blocks (5.18 per set), second in reception efficiency (50.26%), and second in digs (2.7).

OK Financial Group’s middle blocker Bayarsaihan (Mongolia) has done a good job, ranking fourth in blocks (0.59 per set). Woori Card’s middle blocker Issei (Japan) has also been positive.

Korean Air’s outside hitter Espejo (Philippines), Hyundai Capital’s middle blocker Fei-Chang (Taiwan), KB Insurance’s outside hitter Liu Hung-min (Taiwan), and Samsung Fire’s middle blocker Eddie (Mongolia) left something to be desired.

At its third board meeting last December, the Korean Volleyball Organization (KOVO) decided to expand the eligible countries from just 10 토토사이트 추천 (Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar) for the inaugural Asia Quarterly Draft to all 64 Asian Volleyball Federation member nations.

The salary for the Asian quota has also been increased from $100,000 in both the first and second year to $120,000 in the first year and $150,000 in the second year for women, and $100,000 in the first year and $120,000 in the second year for men.

This is a sign of the effectiveness of the Asian quota in attracting better Asian players.

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