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유엔난민기구-세계태권도연맹 업무협약식

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation in Korea (Ms. Jeon Hye-kyung) today signed an agreement with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) at the Conference House Dahlgaebye in Jung-gu, Seoul, to strengthen the self-reliance of refugees. The two organizations will work together to promote the psychological and physical health of refugees through taekwondo, the national sport of Korea, and help them achieve positive and sustainable social integration and self-reliance. This will include establishing an after-school taekwondo program for refugee children in South Korea, conducting joint campaigns to build a balanced perception of refugees, and strengthening cooperation through a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework.

“This agreement is in line with the spirit of the UN’s Global Refugee Compact, which emphasizes living together,” said Ms. Jeon Hye-kyung, “and I hope it will provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the role that taekwondo, a sport unique to Korea, can play in protecting refugees.” “Taekwondo is a powerful tool to instill courage and strength in refugees as a symbol of indomitable will and hope,” said Mr. Choi Joong-won, President of the WTF, “and this agreement will make a positive difference in the lives of refugees.”

UNHCR and WTF have been working together to support refugees through taekwondo since signing a global partnership in 2016. WT established the Taekwondo Philanthropy Foundation and opened a Taekwondo Academy in a refugee camp .The two organizations will continue to collaborate on various initiatives, starting with the Hope and Dreams Sports Festival in May in a Jordanian refugee camp. WT has been organizing the event since 2021 to give refugee children the opportunity to enjoy 스포츠토토존 and experience various Olympic sports.

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