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“Seoul, I don’t know as much as I want yet” Kim Ki-dong is hungry despite his first win

‘First loss’ Jeju Kim Hak-beom “Difficult situation with the first PK goal conceded. It will get better over time.”
Seoul director Kim Ki-dong

Coach Kim Ki-dong, who took charge of professional soccer K League 1 FC Seoul and reported its first win in three games, scolded the players, saying the team did not improve as much as they wanted.

After finishing the K-League 1 3rd round home game against Jeju United held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 16th, Coach Kim commented, “It’s been a very long three games to get our first win. I think we showed a little more stickiness today than in the last game.” .

Seoul won 2-0 in the first half of the day thanks to Ilyuchenko’s first penalty kick goal and Ki Sung-yong’s additional goal, recording their first win of the season.

Ahead of this season, Seoul drew attention by recruiting coach Kim and former England national team midfielder Jesse Lingard, but was disappointed in the first two games. On this day, Seoul showed much better performance and won, attracting a home crowd of nearly 30,000. It made me laugh.

In particular, the performance of new faces such as fullback Choi Jun and midfielder Ryu Jae-moon was encouraging.

Coach Kim said, “(Choi) Jun was definitely active and fast, so he actively harassed the opponent’s attack, and he was good at covering the defense, so he was a source of energy for the team. (Ryu) Jae-moon was also in his first game, and he was good at throwing the ball left and right. He smiled and said, “He looked like he was looking for a way to attack.” 스포츠 토토사이트

Seoul players rejoice at Ki Sung-Yong’s (No. 6) second goal

Nevertheless, Coach Kim declared, “The soccer I want is not yet there, and I am not satisfied.”

He emphasized, “In the first half, I played the ball in the position I wanted and sprayed it to the side, but that should continue until the second half and we should be able to show an uneven game,” adding, “I will make tomorrow better than today and the day after tomorrow better than tomorrow.” .

Coach Kim, who emphasized the importance of ‘habits’ by saying, “What you don’t become a habit of in training or practice games, won’t come out on the field. You have to train and practice and get used to it, then it will come out in an instant without you even realizing it,” and now he is making the most of the upcoming international break. I plan to use it.

He said, “There wasn’t much of a break after the March international match. I think this period is a really important time to ‘step up’.” He added, “We plan to increase training time and training volume to prepare for the game against Gangwon FC on the 31st.” He said.

Captain Ki Sung-yueng, who scored an additional goal that day, said, “The players have complete trust in the coach. It just takes time for the coach’s style and desired performance to mature,” and added, “As the atmosphere is improving, a lot of things will come from the coach to this team.” “He said with force. 안전 슬롯사이트

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