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‘Beef marbling, lettuce, grandma’s cupboard’… Son Heung-min’s new national team uniform continues to draw criticism

Criticism of the new uniforms continues.

Nike, the official kit sponsor of the South Korean national soccer team, announced the team’s new jerseys in a press release on Monday. The uniforms will be worn by South Korea’s national teams across all age groups for the next two years. The home jerseys will be the traditional red color of Korea, while the away jerseys will once again be black.

“The design draws from traditional Korean art and craftsmanship to inspire a new generation to shine in soccer,” 안전카지노사이트 Nike said, “with Dri-FIT ADV, an advanced technology designed to help players perform at their best, at its core.”

“The red color, a symbol of Korean soccer, is reflected in the vibrant pattern. The collar and sleeves also feature a double border reminiscent of a dancheong pattern. We wanted to further emphasize the balance of the design. In addition, the collar has claw marks inspired by the tiger, Korea’s representative animal,” explains Kim.

Despite the many meanings behind the jerseys, soccer fans are not happy. Nike’s unconventional design has been criticized by many. The home jersey has a background color that’s more pink than red. The sides are accented with a white pattern. However, some fans have criticized the design, calling it “like marbling on beef”.

The goalkeeper’s jersey also received some negative attention. This time, the goalkeeper’s jersey was based on a green color scheme, with dark green accents on top of light green. “It’s like lettuce wrapped around beef,” was the reaction of soccer fans.

The away jerseys were introduced next. Nike said, “The away jersey reflects the lacquerware. The Winzheng design, which symbolizes the combination of tradition and progress, reflects the outstanding craftsmanship of Korea. The contrast between the deep black and the shimmering pearl-colored digital pattern reflects the Korean aesthetic of harmony. The away jerseys also feature the same tiger claw pattern on the collar as the home jerseys.”

However, the away uniforms are also criticized. Some fans criticized the design, saying, “It looks like a grandmother’s dresser” and “It looks like oil spilled in the sea.”

The new jerseys will debut for the South Korean national team, led by interim coach Hwang Sun-hong, in the third match of the FIFA Confederations Cup North America 2026 Asia-Pacific second qualifying round against Thailand at 8 p.m. on June 21 at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Meanwhile, the South Korean national soccer team began its national team training at the Goyang Sports Complex on Nov. 18. Speaking to the media, Hwang said, “It’s hard to talk long because the players are not all called up, and I think we have to prepare and play as best we can to make up for the disappointment we caused. “It’s a short time, but when I talked to the players, they are feeling very pressured (to do the interview). They are also having a hard time mentally.”

“I and the players will do our best with one mind,” Hwang added. On the field, we aim to train in a bright and cheerful atmosphere. There is also homework to be done. Once all the players join us, we will organize and train with a clear mind.”

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