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Son Heung-min signs a long-term contract with Tottenham, EPL legend

Preparing to negotiate a contract renewal with Son Heung-min

If Son Heung-min signs a long-term contract to stay at Tottenham, it is certain that he will leave his name in the history of Tottenham and the English Premier League (EPL).

Son Heung-min’s recent negotiations with Tottenham have not been cut off. It was already known that he was preparing to renew his contract with Son Heung-min since September last year. As Saudi’s interest in Son Heung-min continued to spread, he quickly sat in front of the negotiating table because he felt the threat of losing him. He said he could not let Son Heung-min go like Kane left last year. It is natural that Tottenham feels threatened. This is because there were not a few cases where Saudi Arabia has already invested a large amount of money to wipe out its players.

Tottenham is actively engaged in contract renewal negotiations. The British newspaper Spursweb said, “Sky Sports reporter Michael Bridge confirmed that a contract renewal between Son and Tottenham was underway, and the disappointment at the Asian Cup was affected. Tottenham has historically not shown a tendency to offer players long-term contracts after age 30, but they are ready to stop the trend in order to recruit Son as a new contract,” adding that Tottenham will change its contract renewal stance to catch Son.

Son Heung-min also expressed his willingness to stay at Tottenham.

Son had also expressed his will to stay in Tottenham. 토토사이트 People’s team dismissed rumors of a move to Saudi Arabia in June last year, including an A-match and two pre-season games. “If I wanted to go there, I wouldn’t be here,” Son said at the time. “It is my dream to play in the English Premier League.”

It is not known when Tottenham and Son Heung-min’s negotiations will be completed in a positive atmosphere. However, if he succeeds in signing the contract this summer and does not leave Tottenham for the time being, he will be able to see Son Heung-min write many milestone.

You can also raise your ranking in Tottenham’s all-time appearance record

He can also raise his ranking in Tottenham’s all-time appearance record. Son has played 398 games for Tottenham. If Tottenham plays all 10 remaining matches in the league this season, it amounts to 408.

Son, who is already in his ninth season with Tottenham, is highly likely to stay with Tottenham next season and play at least 38 games unless he has a long-term injury, surpassing Harry Kane’s record of 435 games. Depending on Tottenham’s advance to the European competition and its performance in the Cup, Hugo Lloris (447 games) may well break his record. If so, Son will be ranked third in Tottenham’s history. It is not easy to challenge the records of Steve Perryman (636 games) and Gary Mebert (575 games) who played in the 1970s and 1980s, but he can further increase his record to third place in history depending on the contract period.

He can also earn the first title in Tottenham’s record of assists. Son is currently recording the most assists in Tottenham’s history with 88 assists. He can add a few more assists this season, and since he has accumulated from as few as six to as many as 15 assists each season since joining Tottenham, chances are high that he will become the first Tottenham player to reach the 100 assists mark next season.

The status at Tottenham is not expected to be easy for anyone to overcome

He is ready to beat the names of legendary players in the EPL as well. Son has 117 goals and 60 assists in total in the EPL over the current nine seasons. With 117 goals, Son will fail to add a goal this season, and even though he suffers a slump of just 10 goals in the league as he did last season, he will reach the 127 goal mark. He will also beat legendary striker Robbie Keane (126 goals). If he stays at Tottenham for more than three seasons due to the renewal of his contract, he will be able to score 150 goals overall in the EPL. With just 15 more assists, Son will be able to surpass Thierry Henry (74), the EPL’s best striker.

If all these records are achieved, it is clear that he will remain one of the best strikers in EPL history as well as Tottenham Legend.

Along with Tottenham’s willingness to catch Son Heung-min, the news of the renewal of the contract has become a hot topic. If Son Heung-min, who is already enough to become a Tottenham legend, succeeds in renewing his contract, it will be difficult for anyone to overcome his status at Tottenham.

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