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Arsenal MF fires back, “I don’t know why goals matter!”

English Premier League (EPL) Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice has hit back at the “big boys.” Why?

Rice joined Arsenal this season from West Ham. He’s been one of the EPL’s best signings of the season, and he’s been a revelation. Arsenal is currently in first place in the EPL. It was even said that Rice was the last piece of the puzzle for Arsenal to win the title. 

However, Rice has had to face some ridiculous criticism. The criticism came from seniors Roy Keane, Graham Souness, and Jamie Redknapp. The seniors all had one thing in common: goals. They argued that Rice didn’t have enough goals and that he needed to score more. Rice has six league goals this season. Combined with his time at West Ham, he has scored 21 goals in 296 appearances and three goals in 50 caps for England. 

Rice’s position is defensive midfielder. It’s a position that doesn’t have much to do with goals. But the coaches wanted more from Rice. They wanted him to be a bigger player. 

“Keane, Souness, Redknapp and others have talked about my goalscoring ability, and if you look at their numbers, they haven’t scored hundreds of goals in their careers,” he told The Athletic. 

“They are remembered for playing in the midfield. Keane didn’t score a lot of goals in midfield, but he won a lot of titles with Man United. Same 토토사이트 with Souness. So I don’t know why goals from midfield are important. I’ve never considered goals as my goal,” he emphasized. 

The three seniors Rice pointed out didn’t score more than 100 goals in their careers. Keane scored 87 goals in 676 games for Nottingham Forest and Manchester United, among others. Sunes, who played for Middlesbrough and Liverpool, scored 96 goals in 706 games, and Redknapp, who played in midfield for Liverpool and Tottenham, scored 46 goals in 395 games. These are not midfielders you’d point to and say Rice needs to score more goals. 

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