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Mystery of professional baseball Samsung 1st in away win percentage but last in home win percentage

Away winning percentage 0.737 – Home winning percentage 0.375 The starting three, Won Tae-in, Reyes, and Connor, are on a winning streak only in visiting games.

Samsung Lions squad that won away

The professional baseball Samsung Lions win every time they go out at home this season.

In the 20 away games played until the 7th, they recorded 14 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw, and a winning percentage of 0.737, ranking first among 10 clubs.

On the other hand, the winning percentage in home games is very low.

This season, Samsung’s record in the 16 games played at Daegu Samsung Lions Park is 6 wins, 10 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.375, ranking last overall.

Typically, professional baseball clubs have a high home win rate because they build team strength according to the characteristics of their home stadium and do not experience physical problems due to travel.

There are only three teams this season that have a higher visiting game winning percentage than their home winning percentage: Samsung, KIA Tigers, and SSG Landers, but the difference between home and away winning percentage for KIA and SSG does not exceed 10%. 메이저사이트

Samsung is the only team whose winning percentage in home games drops significantly compared to away games.

The reason Samsung was unable to achieve many wins at home was because its key starting pitchers were particularly weak in their home stadium.

Foreign pitcher Denny Reyes had an ERA of 5.30 in the four games he started in Daegu, and Connor Siebold had a poor ERA of 6.43 in four games. Korean ace Won Tae-in also showed a disappointing performance of 5.23 in two games.

On the other hand, they performed excellently in visiting games.

Won Tae-in achieved outstanding results with an ERA of 0.60 in five away games. Reyes had an ERA of 3.04 in four visiting games, and Connor had an ERA of 3.72 in four away games.

The performance of other Samsung pitchers also shows significant differences.

This season, Samsung pitchers recorded an average ERA of 3.69 in visiting games, but performed poorly in Daegu at 5.34.

Of course, Daegu Samsung Lions Park is known as a hitter-friendly stadium.

It is inevitable that Samsung pitchers perform somewhat poorly at home.

However, Samsung pitchers did not show much difference, recording an ERA of 4.53 in visiting games last year and 4.70 at home.

The batters are also unable to take advantage of the home advantage.

Samsung’s team batting average in home games is 0.264, which is lower than that in visiting games (0.287).

As of the 7th, Samsung had attracted an average of 15,339 spectators per game at home.

It ranks 4th out of 10 clubs and 2nd among local clubs, following the leader KIA Tigers.

Samsung is showing better-than-expected results this season, overcoming surrounding concerns and taking third place.

However, Samsung needs to give their home fans more wins. 안전 슬롯사이트

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