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Hwang Sun-woo will participate in the World Championships…”At the beginning of 1 minute 44 seconds

Hwang Sun-woo will participate in the World Championships…”At the beginning of 1 minute 44 seconds”

About a month before the world championships, South Korean swimming star Hwang Sun-woo threw his hat into the ring.Hwang Sun-woo presented specific records and aimed for medals in two consecutive competitions

Hwang Sun-woo falls into the water cheerfully. After a soft turn, warm up to your own rhythm.

Hwang Sun-woo, who is aiming for the first Korean player to win two consecutive world championship medals, split the current in a bright atmosphere with his teammates.

But he didn’t lose his seriousness either.

More competitors have emerged in the 200m freestyle, the main event that won the silver medal in the last tournament. More and more players have set similar records, including the strongest player Popovich, as well as China’s Pan Zanler.

Hwang Sun-woo is determined not to let his guard down.

<Hwang Sun-woo/Swimming National Team> “Since last year’s world championship, it has been raised to the level of thinking whether I can win a medal even if I cut 44 seconds (1 minute).” I think I have to do it like I’m cutting it off in the early 44 seconds.”

Hwang Sun-woo, who took the final mock test at this month’s domestic competition, recharged his confidence by setting a world record of 1:44.61 in the 200m.

Hwang’s rise is also encouraging his teammates to join him at the world championships and the team event at the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

<Hwang Sun-woo/Swimming National Team> “I know that there is a 1.5 second difference (from Chinese athletes), but if each person is reduced to 0.5 seconds in time before the Asian Games, wouldn’t he be able to win his first team gold medal in the 800m relay?””

Ahead of the world championships, Hwang Sun-woo and the swimming team will enter Fukuoka, Japan, on the 20th of next month, after the final quenching here at Jincheon National Training Center.


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