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Noh Kyung, the first All-Star in 21 years, said, “It doesn’t matter about age, does it?”

Noh Kyung, the first All-Star in 21 years, said, “It doesn’t matter about age, does it?”

Professional baseball SSG is aiming for two consecutive losses with the league’s best bullpen.

Noh Kyung-eun takes the mound in a two-out full base crisis and strikes out and roars.Noh Kyung-eun, who revived in SSG after being released from Lotte after the 2021 season, is the mainstay of the team’s bullpen for the second consecutive year.<No Kyung-eun / SSG Pitcher> “I think such a (release) situation is a turning point in my life, so if I’m not frustrated even when there’s a situation like that, and if I’m confident in my mind, I’ll continue to challenge myself.Although it ranks first in the league in the hold category, its annual salary is 170 million won, which is considered the best case of so-called “cost-effectiveness.”<No Kyung-eun / SSG Pitcher> “My goal is to be in the top three (hold category) unconditionally.” I need to get good grades so that I can raise my salary again, right?”Noh Kyung-eun was also nicknamed “No-Kart” by sarcastically saying, “I will go play a racing game” to some fans who made malicious comments in the past.I could not hide my regret when I heard that the service of the game was terminated in March this year.<No Kyung-eun / SSG Pitcher> “Oh, it’s gone? The game is… It’s a game with a lot of memories. I don’t really like games. The only game I liked was “Kart Rider”. That’s kind of heartbreaking.”Noh Kyung-eun, who became a 39-year-old veteran after so much time that the game disappeared.Age is just a number for Noh Kyung-eun, who was selected as the first All-Star since her debut in 2003 and is in her second heyday.<No Kyung-eun / SSG Pitcher> “I think I will continue my career if I continue to be in the early and mid-140km range.” Regardless of age, I think I’ll just keep challenging myself.”


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