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West Ham as Manchester United’s savior…Maguire and McTominay are trying to recruit him

It’s homework for Manchester United. Manchester United can spend 120 million pounds this summer.

Under pressure from FFP (financial fair play), the acquisition process of the new owner is slower than expected. Manchester United’s activity itself was limited in the transfer market.

Of the 120 million pounds, the amount currently available will be reduced to 13 million pounds (about 21.3 billion won). This is because he spent a large transfer fee by recruiting midfielder Mason Mount and goalkeeper Andre Onana.

13 million pounds Manchester United cannot bring Atalanta striker Rasmus Huirun, who is planning to recruit him for the third time this summer. Atalanta is seeking 86 million pounds (about 141 billion won) for the transfer fee.

It is not that there is no way at all. You can sell existing players to cover them with transfer funds.

Several players are on Manchester United’s transfer list. Even if all of them are pushed out of the main players, Manchester United’s power is not affected.

▲ A team wanting Maguire appeared.
Of these, West Ham United are looking to recruit two. British media Sky Sports said on the 26th (Korea Standard Time), “West Ham is negotiating with Manchester United and Harry Maguire to recruit Scott McTominay,” adding, “The McTominay negotiations are being delayed.” Manchester United called for a transfer fee of 40 million pounds (about 65.7 billion won), and West Ham did not accept it, he said.

Maguire was brought by Manchester United four years ago for the highest transfer fee (85 million pounds/about 139.5 billion won) for a center-back defender. His skills have fallen sharply over time and he has recently been deprived of his captaincy. It was not easy to dispose of due to high weekly wages and weak defense that did not match the value of the name.

McTominay joined United Youth in 2002 and has been with one team for 21 years. It is a franchise that has only played in Manchester United without a single lease.

However, he did not grow into a main player. Of the 39 games he played last season, 23 were substitutes

▲ McTominay is also likely to leave Manchester United.
West Ham sold Declan Rice to Arsenal this summer, earning a transfer fee of £105 million. I’m going to fill the spot where Rice left with a thick wallet. 토토사이트넷

If the recruitment is completed, Manchester United will solve the problem it suffered. The money received here can be used as a round of recruitment funds.

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