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Preview of “Big Man Ceremony”

Lee Ki-je, looking forward to his exclusive ‘left foot FK’…Preview of “Big Man Ceremony”

It is a game where you can expect Lee Ki-je’s left-footed kick.

The K League, which consists of K League players, will face Atletico Madrid in a friendly match of the “Coupang Play Series” at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on the 27th.

On the morning of the match, some of the players who played at the Mayfield Hotel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul met with reporters. The team’s K-League players are composed of fans’ best Eleven, and 11 players selected by head coach Hong Myung-bo and coach Choi Won-kwon. Twelve of them attended the interview.

I talked to Lee Ki-je. Lee Ki-je was selected for the K League for the second consecutive year following last year’s friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur. First of all, I asked Lee Ki-je if there was a difference before meeting Tottenham and Atletico as opponents.

Lee Ki-je said, “I was looking forward to Tottenham because there was Son Heung-min. Atletico are a team I’ve seen since I was a kid. I know that the defensive organization is really good. “I’m looking forward to that a lot,” he said, expressing expectations ahead of the match against Atletico.

Lee Ki-je then said, “The player I’m looking forward to is Griezmann. Joao Felix is also looking forward to it. He is a young and talented player. “I think I have to pay attention defensively because I have a good dribble,” he said, expecting a showdown with Griezmann and Felix.

Playing against big European clubs like Atletico is a great opportunity for players. However, some Suwon Samsung fans were worried that Lee Ki-je, Suwon’s captain and key resource, was unable to manage his physical strength during the break due to the current team’s situation.

In response, Lee Ki-je said, “I personally think one of the advantages is physical strength. I’ve been playing since 2021 until now. I want to tell the fans that I’ll just have fun and enjoy it. We have to do our best in the upcoming Suwon FC match. “I don’t think I’ll be able to play 90 minutes in this game, so I think I’ll be able to get enough physical arrangements,” he said, hoping Suwon fans will be less worried.

Questions about the All-Star Game were the main. I asked Lee Ki-je about his desire to score and his thoughts on the ceremony. Lee Ki-je has one of the best left-footed kicks in the K League, and based on this, he is a player who can score or make threatening scenes in free-kick situations.

Lee Ki-je said, “If there is a left-footed course in a free-kick situation, I will say I will kick it.” I’m not the type to prepare for a ceremony. I heard that we should do a ceremony that comes out of the game. “I had a time to introduce the ceremony earlier, and I received the ‘Big Man’ ceremony,” he said. 토토사이트넷

Finally, regarding the competition to exchange uniforms, he said, “I’m not a greedy type. “I don’t have any particular thoughts,” he said, adding that he would not compete.

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