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The captain of the French national team does not go to Saudi Arabia” message

Mbappe, Saudi Arabia’s ‘Moonjeon Bakdae’ who came to Paris with ‘1 trillion annual salary’… “The captain of the French national team does not go to Saudi Arabia” message

Kylian Mbappe (24) quickly rejected Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal’s 1 trillion annual salary proposal. As a result, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sighed even more.

France’s “Lecquipe” reported on the 26th (Korea Standard Time) that “Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal has proposed 700 million euros (about 988.2 billion) in annual salary, including portrait rights, to recruit Mbappe.” It amounts to about 1 trillion won.

According to the media, Al Hilal’s delegation visited Paris last Wednesday to negotiate the recruitment of Brazilian striker Malcolm. They wanted to show Mbappe their project in person. When Al Hilal offered 300 million euros (423.5 billion won) as a transfer fee for Mbappe, PSG also allowed him to negotiate directly with Mbappe.

However, the al-Hilal delegation returned with no income. This is because Mbappe explicitly refused to negotiate. “The captain of the French national team (Mbappe) stressed that he had never considered this option,” Lecouiff said. It is reminiscent of Ki Sung-yueng and Son Heung-min’s words, “The captain of the Korean national team does not go to China or Saudi Arabia for money.”

The contract between Mbappe and PSG is due in June next year. There is also an option to extend a year if both sides want to. PSG has consistently offered to renew its contract, but the conflict between the two sides has deepened as Mbappe has recently reportedly delivered a letter rejecting it. Mbappe is considering moving to Real Madrid on a free agent (FA) after negotiating with other teams from January next year under the “Bosman Rule.”

Real have been after Mbappe for years. Last year, Mbappe was on the verge of recruiting him, but Mbappe suddenly changed his mind at the end of the negotiations and announced his stay in PSG. At that time, Real and Spanish fans were shocked and criticized Mbappe as a “traitor.” However, Real wants Mbappe more as its main striker Karim Benzema left for the Saudi League this summer. If Mbappe’s “holding up” succeeds and brings Mbappe to the FA, it would be great.

PSG spent 180 million euros (about 246.8 billion won) in transfer fees when Mbappe was brought from AS Monaco in 2018. As the possibility of giving up Mbappe for a penny in transfer fees increases, only his feet are shaking. “PSG continues to think about how to sell Mbappe,” the UK’s “The Times” said on the 27th. “PSG is embarrassed as Mbappe does not even want to listen to Al Hilal’s proposal.” According to the media, Al Hilal will not give up and continue to persuade Mbappe with “oil money.”

However, it is unclear whether Mbappe’s mind will move. Fabricio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, also said on his personal social networking service (SNS) that “Mbappe does not want to negotiate with Al Hilal. Mbappe agreed to a secret pre-contract with Real, according to sources familiar with PSG news. PSG is also confident that Mbappe wants to sign with Real.

Earlier, Mbappe openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the PSG leadership and expressed his willingness to be no longer with the team. According to the BBC recently, Mbappe said, “It doesn’t help much for me to play for PSG. PSG is a divided team,” he said. “PSG’s elimination from the UEFA Champions League (UCL) round of 16 last season should be held accountable by the club’s management, not the players.” Because the players did their best. He criticized, “Strengthening the team’s organization and strength, such as recruiting players, is something that the club, not the players, should do.” 토토사이트먹튀

PSG Chairman Nasser Al-Kelaifi also reacted sharply. “If Mbappe thinks so himself, why not leave PSG now?” he asked through “French Football.” He also said at an official press conference to appoint manager Luis Enrique, “If Mbappe wants to stay, he must sign a new contract with PSG. “Mbappe has to decide in the next two weeks,” he said. “We can’t hand over the best player in the world to another team for free. This is impossible,” he said.

Currently, the PSG team, including Lee Kang-in, is on a pre-season Asian tour. PSG tied Al Nasr (Saudi) 0-0 in the first match of the tour in Osaka, Japan on the 25th. Lee Kang-in, who is injured in a hamstring, watched the game from the bench. Now PSG will play their second match of the tour against Cerezo Osaka (Japan). However, Mbappe was removed from the tour list. He is said to be staying in Paris and training with second-tier players.

If Mbappe leaves PSG, Korean fans will be somewhat disappointed. This is because Lee Kang-in, who has just joined PSG, cannot be seen playing with the world’s best star Mbappe. We have to wait and see whether Lee Kang-in and Mbappay will play together this season or not.

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