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Kim Kwan-woo wins first eSports gold medal after mother’s text

Kim Kwan-woo

Holds up his gold medal during the “Street Fighter V” medal ceremony of the Hangzhou 2022

Asian Games at the eSports Main Stadium inside Beiyuan Ecological Park in Hangzhou, China on Sept. 28.

After winning the first gold medal in esports at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Lizard (Kim

Kwan-woo, 44) broke down in tears thinking about his mother. Kim, who spent the Chuseok

holiday in China, was overjoyed to receive congratulations from far away.

FC Online’s Kwak Jun-hyuk

Also wished the men’s soccer team good luck, saying that he hadn’t won a gold medal in the “virtual soccer” of esports.

On Sept. 29, the Korean Sports Federation held a Chuseok event for the Korean athletes at

the Sports Diplomatic Lounge of the Korean Sports Federation in Hangzhou, China. The event

was organized by the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) President Lee Ki-heung, First Vice

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jeon Byung-kuk, 카지노사이트랭크 and athletes and coaches from various sports.

Esports players Kim “Street Fighter V”

Kwan-woo and Kwak “FC Online” Jun-hyuk also celebrated Chuseok out of the country. Kim

Kwan-woo won gold the day before and Kwak Jun-hyuk won bronze on the 27th.

“I’ve been playing the game for more than 30 years, and I’ve seen it grow, so I thought I could

make a satisfactory showing at the Asian Games,” said Kim Kwan-woo. “I’m happy to win gold and give hope to many gamers.”

When he heard that Street Fighter V would be included in the Asian Games, he aggressively

entered every competition. After winning the national trials, he trained 13 hours a day with his eyes on the gold medal.

He also said that he was always upset when he went to the arcade to play fighting games.

This is because he would often have to put 10 or 20 won into the arcade machine to pay for transportation, his last resort.

“My mother doesn’t know much about this,” said Kim Kwan-woo, who was born in 1979 and is

the oldest member of the national esports team. “Other people told her the news, but she

texted me and said, ‘I’m so happy for you. I’m so happy for you,” he said, breaking down in tears.

The perception of esports and gaming is not always favorable. The popularity of esports is also limited to PC games.

“When I went to the arcade and was good at fighting games, I was dragged away by my

brothers and scolded,” said Kim Kwan-woo. “Those who didn’t get beaten up could say they weren’t very good.”

“I came this far with a strong will, and I’m glad I was able to win a gold medal at the Asian Games,” he added.

FC Online’s Kwak Jun-hyuk said,

“Our goal from the beginning was to win gold, but it’s a shame that we didn’t,” adding, “I’m

also happy that we won a valuable bronze medal.”

“We didn’t win a gold medal in virtual soccer, but the national soccer team is doing well,” he

said, adding, “I wish them the best.” 고스톱

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