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Nam Hyun-hee removes name from fencing academy sign…

Former national fencer Nam Hyun-hee has changed the signage of her fencing academy and removed her name.

On Tuesday, News1 reported that the ‘Nam Hyun-hee International Fencing Academy’ located in Jagok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, changed its signboard to the name ‘Elite Fencing Club’.

According to the report, the English sign at the building’s entrance, “International Fencing Academy,” remains the same, but Nam Hyun-hee’s name has been removed from the main sign.

Born in 1981, Nam Hyun-hee, 42, excelled in athletics from a young age, becoming the youngest person ever to be named to the South Korean national fencing team in 2004. She went on to become South Korea’s first female Olympic fencing medalist and the only athlete in fencing history to compete in four consecutive events.

She retired in 2019 and founded her own fencing academy the following year.

However, Coach J of the Nam Hyun-hee Fencing Academy committed crimes such as molesting a student, Ms. A, and stealing her emails and social media since September last year.

The students reported the crimes, but Nam Hyun-hee and Jeon Cheong-jo were passive in their actions, such as going on a trip with Jeon Cheong-jo without offering any real solutions.

Nam Hyun-hee later held a parent meeting where Coach J denied any sexual misconduct and made comments that seemed to discredit the victim’s testimony, citing the fact that there were not many victims.

Jeon Cheong-jo also made secondary accusations, saying that the victim was ‘clever’. This was confirmed by a transcript of a parent meeting released by a media outlet.

However, Coach J took his own life shortly after the police investigation began, and the case was closed without charges.

Nam Hyun-hee is now facing charges for her role in the sexual abuse at the fencing club, as well as suspected complicity in the Jeon Cheong-jo fraud case.

To date, police have identified 23 victims of the Jeon Cheong-jo fraud case, with a total of 2.8 billion won in damages.

A victim who was extorted 1.1 billion won by Jeon Cheongjo accused Nam Hyun-hee of being an accomplice, and Nam Hyun-hee is also under investigation.

Currently, the official social media accounts of Nam Hyun-hee’s fencing club have been deleted.

The media has been unable to reach Nam Hyun-hee and fencing club officials, and upon inquiry to the Gangnam Education Support Agency, the agency said it could not confirm whether the fencing school’s operator has changed as it is not its responsibility. 스포츠토토사이트

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