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Yoon Hak-gil, A Complete Pitcher, Said to his Gold Medalist Daughter

[Asian Games] Yoon Hak-gil, A Complete Pitcher, Said to his Gold Medalist Daughter, “Yoon Ji-soo is alive.”

“I haven’t done anything for you.

I guess all I can say is ‘Jisoo Yoon is alive.’”

KBO Talent Donation Committee member Hak-gil Yoon, father of Ji-soo Yoon (Seoul City Hall),

who won the gold medal in the women’s saber fencing individual event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games,

gave his daughter an embarrassed but proud compliment on the 26th.

Ji-soo Yoon

Committee member Yoon said: “(In Korea) I was watching my daughter’s game on TV. 토토사이트

“I thought it would be difficult in the semifinals, but it was easy in the finals,”

he said, adding, “The atmosphere is important in sports,

my daughter seemed to enjoy the atmosphere well.”

As her father said, Ji-su Yoon struggled in the semifinals against Zaina Dybekova (Uzbekistan),

who lost in both the individual round of 16 at the Tokyo Olympics and the final at the Asian Championships in June this year,

before winning 15-14 and advancing to the finals.

Hak-gil Yoon

And in the final, she defeated Sao Yachi (China) relatively easily, 15-10, to rise to the top.

Commissioner Yoon and Jisoo Yoon are well known as a father and daughter who pretend to be indifferent but take good care of each other.

Commissioner Yoon’s interview also ended with worries ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics rather than the joy of winning a gold medal.

Commissioner Yoon smiled and said, “I don’t think my daughter likes my name being included in the article,”

but added, “I’m worried because my leg doesn’t look good.

The leg that had the surgery is fine, but these days, the other leg is not in good shape.”

He comforted his daughter who was preparing for bigger fruit.

In particular, he set the record for 100 complete games,

the most in professional baseball history.

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