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Women’s Cycling Team Sprint Wins Silver Medal

[Asian Games] Women’s Cycling Team Sprint Wins Silver Medal… Lost to China in the finals

The Korean women’s team sprint team won a silver medal on the first day of the cycle track event.

National Team

The national team, consisting of Hwang Hyeon-seo (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall),

Cho Seon-yeong (Sangzhou City Hall), and Kim Ha-eun (Naju City Hall),

competed in the women’s team sprint Chinese team (Guo Yu-fang, Baosanju, Yuan Liying) held at the Jeshou Velodrome in Chun’an, Zhejiang, China.

On the afternoon of the 26th. and won the silver medal by recording 50.012 seconds in the final. 온라인카지노사이트

The gold medal-winning Chinese team’s time in the final was 46.376 seconds,

a new Asian Games record.

The national team also recorded a time of 49.621 seconds in the preliminaries,

taking second place behind China (47.413 seconds).

The national team, which advanced to the first round by placing second in the preliminary round,

recorded a time of 48.955 seconds against India (52.333 seconds) and advanced to the gold medal match,

but failed to overcome China this time as well.

Winning Team

The national team consisted of Lee Hye-jin (Seoul City Hall), Hwang Hyeon-seo,

Cho Seon-yeong, the country’s strongest cyclists, for the preliminaries and first round.

In the final, Kim Ha-eun played instead of Lee Hye-jin.

The winning team, China, recorded a time of 46 seconds (46.900 seconds) from the first round.

A total of 7 teams participated in the women’s team sprint event at this competition.

Depending on the preliminary rankings, 2nd place played 7th place,

3rd place played 6th place, and 4th place played 5th place in the first round.

China, ranked first in the preliminary round,

played the first round alone without an opponent.

Among the four teams, including China and the three teams that defeated their opponents in the first round,

the two teams with the best records advanced to the gold medal match.

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