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KT’s Park Young-hyun stays strong despite final home run

KT WIZ’s core bullpen Park Young-hyun (20) had a nightmare in Game 2 of the 2023 KBO Korean Series (KS) at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Aug. 8.

He was hit by a fastball from opposing catcher Park Dong-won with the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth inning with KT leading 4-3, allowing a two-run homer to left-center field.

KT fell to 4-5 and Park was the losing pitcher.

Park had previously been scoreless in this year’s postseason, but the home run came when it mattered most.

On Tuesday at Katie Wise Park in Suwon, Park’s expression was calm.

“One mistake led to a home run,” he told reporters before Game 3 of the KS Series. “I admit that I gave up the home run because I didn’t throw well,” he said.

“It wasn’t because my strength dropped or my legs hurt,” he said, emphasizing that he can pitch today and tomorrow.

In fact, Park’s physical condition was not normal at the time. He suffered from a bruise on his right shin after being hit by a pitch in Game 1 of the KS Series.

The area where he was hit was bruised and painful.

When asked about his current condition, Young-hyun said, “There’s still some pain, but it doesn’t affect my pitching,” and “I got a good night’s rest yesterday (on a day off), so I’m fine.”

On the contrary, Park seemed to be on fire.

“Yesterday, I was on the Internet and the video of my home run was all over the place,” he said, adding, “I usually don’t watch videos of games where I didn’t throw, but I couldn’t help but watch it.”

“In some communities, there were videos of LG fans eating chicken while watching it,” he says, “and it made me more competitive. It made me want to fight harder,” he said. 무료슬롯게임

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