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‘Award of the Year’ fan voting for each category ends on the 14th

This year’s award’ is a baseball awards ceremony that boasts the nation’s highest authority and tradition. In line with their reputation, judges select winners by evaluating not only their performance, but also their impact on the KBO League and the Korean baseball community and their personality.

In particular, this year’s winner selection includes fan voting. Fans who love professional baseball have been able to select players who played an active role this season, adding to the significance.

The rate of screening is 60% for expert screening and 40% for fan voting. Fans participating in the vote will be invited to the award ceremony through a lottery.

One person will be invited for each of the 10 voting categories, and the relevant fan can receive a bouquet of flowers to the winning player and a handwritten signature on the uniform.

There are a total of nine voting categories. ▲ Player of the Year ▲ Pitcher of the Year ▲ Batter of the Year ▲ Defense of the Year ▲ Rookie of the Year ▲ Achievement of the Year ▲ Comeback of the Year ▲ Coach of the Year ▲ Our Superstar.

For fairness, blind voting schedules are also included. The first blind schedule was from 3 p.m. on the 20th to 3 p.m. on the 24th, and the second blind schedule is from 3 p.m. on November 10 to the day of the award ceremony.

In the blind voting section, the total number of votes is not visible, the ranking is randomly listed, and only the details of your vote can be checked.

In particular, the “2023 Professional Baseball Our Superstar” section, which will be conducted with 100% of fan voting, was newly established.

This segment is of great significance that the winners are chosen purely by fans’ votes. A total of 40 candidates, four from each team, were set up, and the player who received the most votes will be crowned “Our Superstar.”

Fan voting will be held on “Free Boat” from 3 p.m. on the 11th to 8 p.m. on November 14th. You can vote up to three times per day for one person, and 30 hearts (300 won) are consumed per vote.


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