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Another two weeks after a recent surge in local coronavirus infections.

The revelation by Kangwon Land Inc. comes after 51.7 million residents across the country yesterday began counting nationwide early this year, recording 198 new coronavirus cases, killing 331 people, according to a report by GGRASIA. The latest revival also reportedly prompted local officials in Seoul to extend the scope of enhanced pandemic measures to prevent businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries from opening for at least another week.

The Kangwon Land casino is the only casino in South Korea that can gamble with foreign tourists, but it temporarily closed on Feb. 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic, GGRASIA reported. Moreover, the source explained that the development of 674 rooms in rural Gangwon Province, about 93 miles from Seoul, was allowed to partially reopen the VIP gaming floor in early May and hoped to welcome fewer flush customers from Monday.

However, GGRAcia reported that the late reopening date has now been pushed back as Seoul, the country’s largest city, continues to maintain various social distancing protocols that prohibit more than 50 people from gathering indoors at the same time.

Seoul-listed Kangwon Land Co., Ltd. is mostly owned by various government authorities and is reportedly expected to post casino sales losses of about $30.6 million for the four weeks, using the average daily rate for the first half as a guide.


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